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  • Avatar for Rothtism
    Loving the album artwork
  • Avatar for MikeRHD
    For anyone who doesn't know, the new Rasputina album is available now, exclusively on Melora's website (linked in the post below).
  • Avatar for rasputinasbox
    Do not despair! Melora has merely been laying low lately, and has been working on a new album:
  • Avatar for MikeRHD
    Love Rasputina, saw them back in 2008, great show. I agree with monster_meal, please don't disappear!
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    Fans of old Rasputina will love [artist]Johnny Hollow[/artist]'s cover of 'People are Strange'.
  • Avatar for senotfed
    Wish you Were here
  • Avatar for justdoitalready
    Обожаю все тексты и музыку, жаль, что не могу опознать все инструменты. Всем Thigs I'm Gonna Do!
  • Avatar for monster_meal
    Hmm. Website is down, Twitter hasn't been updated since 2010. Where has Rasputina gone? Last album was really great and I got to see them live in 2012. Don't disappear Melora!
  • Avatar for Brenutka
    nice, but soooo boring
  • Avatar for creamsicklesky
    DwarfStar ♥♥♥
  • Avatar for My_Sharona
    Melora ♥
  • Avatar for p0rnographic
    I very much appreciate Melora Creager's existence. [2] I adore her so much, she's brilliant and creative. I love Rasputina with my whole heart.
  • Avatar for ArtificialLeech
    I love the southern gothic aesthetic these lovely ladies have. It conjures the same images I got when I read William Falkner and Cormac McCarthy.
  • Avatar for bradmatic
    I very much appreciate Melora Creager's existence.
  • Avatar for Gankzor
  • Avatar for MickyListens
  • Avatar for Dita_von_Me
    Favourite band ever
  • Avatar for absababs
    I absolutely adore "In Old Yellowcake" ^_^
  • Avatar for anniefunni
    Doomsday Averted.
  • Avatar for TeenageDeathBoy
    I saw them live 5 times during the zoe keating/jonathon tebeest era... seen some footage of this new lineup and it's just not the same without a real drummer
  • Avatar for eulukeskywalker
    Victorian era.
  • Avatar for christles
    I want to see them live again.
  • Avatar for trigonometric
    my fav group
  • Avatar for youaretheparty
    Everything I love <3
  • Avatar for yavann555
    "In Old Yellowcake" is perfect <3
  • Avatar for Elmircheg
    Has everybody already seen this? "Melora offers to make a unique and individualized video of the Rasputina song of your choosing." And sample for the song "State Fair"
  • Avatar for CuddlyCannibal
  • Avatar for biogenius
    ну , очень круто :3
  • Avatar for D_ni
    Radical Recital IS amazing, but I have to say that it's much better than what the current incarnation of Rasputina sounds like live :(
  • Avatar for Divine-Empyreal It's my Symphonic/Gothic project, and I need all your feedbacks. And please PLEASE give me your feedback (on my user page). :D
  • Avatar for fallintoblue
    cannot stop listening to Radical Recital. I MUST witness Rasputina up-close before I die. Simply MUST.
  • Avatar for igorgeneration
  • Avatar for DioVasconcelos
    <3 coisa linda
  • Avatar for EduardoVT
    @MiaoPurrington Rasputina is all about memory
  • Avatar for hljott
    she wants him to understand that they have unearthed each other
  • Avatar for riippumato
  • Avatar for milkywayhoshiap
    When are they going to release thanks for the ether? I don't own that album sadly.
  • Avatar for CuddlyCannibal
  • Avatar for MiaoPurrington
    Liked Rasputina back in the day. Ah, memories.
  • Avatar for daile
    they're perfectly amazing ♥
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
    Dig Ophelia has aged beautifully! :)
  • Avatar for DangerJane
    saw you last night at the ottobar, beyond fabulous
  • Avatar for trigonometric
    my fav group ever
  • Avatar for nonnen8
    Wonderful ♥ [4]
  • Avatar for LadyOfArszenik
    Awww.... *w* Gorgeous.
  • Avatar for mths8002
    Indie Rock Playlist Best Of 2011 '-'
  • Avatar for FatherGrigori
    [url=]Holli Would[/url]
  • Avatar for milkywayhoshiap
    Why loose interest in such an amazing band? The lyrics are amazing!
  • Avatar for viniQQQ
  • Avatar for nick-felix
    Wonderful ♥ [3]


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