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  • vvvvvvv i'm johnobrienmusic, just moved accounts and the offer still stands
  • this is the best fucking band in the world, if anyone wants their "lost" album What's Our Visibility I have a link to it
  • Best band. If someone has a download or physical copy of the cassette Fuck It Tapes put out they could send my way I would love you forever and ever.
  • The split with Mae Shi is so fucking good even after all this time. [2]
  • the tape on fuck it tapes might just be the greatest album that never was! so good!
  • did anyone else find that when they ripped a RTH cd (dunno if its just Rapider than the world or all) it didn't show any metadata?
  • Amazing in every way possible!!
  • Please vote for the new image. Thanks.
  • that's pretty rapid!
  • Anyone wanna hook me up with their Split LP with The Mae Shi?
  • strawberry deluxe
  • vocals remind me of trophy scars.
  • So we we had this baby and we raised the baby and we kissed the baby on it's little head and we hugged the baby 'cuz we loved the baby don't shake the baby or you'll make it dead
  • Classic. Like 'em better than Mae Shi.
  • pile of shit
  • anyone where i can get the other rapider songs from...the rare shit...
  • oh god what cartoon character does the singer sound like i cant think who it issssss
  • I honestly can't comprehend how this band can be so obscure, they're great, and nothing they do that I think people would hate, they just aren't getting attention.
  • they sound like the insane clown posse on a faygo bender
  • The first two albums are just amazing!
  • One of the most underrated bands I can think of. They manage to sound extremely original and new while using fairly simple methods. And I agree with the comment below me. The vocals are terrific. But they are just unlike any other vox you've heard before and therefore I could understand them being hard to get used to for some people. But, I do think his vocals are more suited towards Racebannon.
  • STARVE TO DEATH, the vocals are amazing
  • they wouldn't be so bad without the vocals
  • they're awesome :P
  • this band deserves more attention
  • so hot

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