• More Human Beings

    21 Mar 2008, 02:38 by allert

    Hi All,

    I tried to change the Human Beings tracks into WAVs for better sound quality but it turns out doesn't do WAV downloads. So it's back to mp3's but there's more of them now, and album covers, and better track titling to make sure the different versions show up correctly.

    The biggest news is still coming up: with the help of Zero One (aka Random XS) I got a bunch of unreleased tracks in my computer. I have to do some sorting out but I think there may be an albums' worth of unheard tracks there !

    Of course everything is available as free download.

    More here S.O.O.N. !

    Allert - Human Beings

    PS: I will also start writing journals about the different albums soon to give some background.