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  • Avatar for munzilein
  • Avatar for flamesnoopy
    Solid album, but what's with the wack feats tho? Only Roc and Rock (and even him, barely) get a pass.
  • Avatar for eselv73
    black milk is more a producer so idk how people are comparing him to SP and GS. for the record, SP>GS
  • Avatar for VeX08
    Sean Price >>>> <Enter Rapper Here>. P.
  • Avatar for multipartisme
    SP=GS=BM < Random AXe
  • Avatar for Yeah_Brah
    Not sure why, but I didn't like their debut album the first time I listened to it. 2 years later - I absolutely love it.
  • Avatar for ninetythreeTIL
    monster babies is their dopest track
  • Avatar for ExarKunAM
    It's a stupid discussion which MC is better, cause it's obvious that they're all dope.
  • Avatar for Alchedoc
    SP > GS > BM . Obviously. [4]
  • Avatar for XenoChist
    пиздец, они калообразные
  • Avatar for hungryayumuchan
    BM > SP > GS
  • Avatar for tropicalhaze
  • Avatar for GanjaHomie
    SP > GS > BM . Obviously. [3]
  • Avatar for rza222
    SP > GS > BM . Obviously. [2]
  • Avatar for rza222
    Just copped this. It's damn good.
  • Avatar for jameslikesjuice
  • Avatar for dml252
    RA2 better actually happen, since the first one is amazing
  • Avatar for ShinobiNoRyuu
    SP > GS > BM . Obviously.
  • Avatar for Chingy314
  • Avatar for infiniteixixi
  • Avatar for ShinobiNoRyuu
  • Avatar for Music-Ninja
    Sean P > Simpson
  • Avatar for ShinobiNoRyuu
    Price is an animal VVVVV What the hell u talking about
  • Avatar for ckypissdrunk
    "sean price fell off pretty badly from his helter skelter days. " NO
  • Avatar for teeprimex
    they're album is still ridiculous after all these months. Hopefully they don't turn into Black Star and actually give us more tunes down the road.
  • Avatar for marcello4545
    one of the best albums this year. don't sleep [3]
  • Avatar for Grenouille_
    one of the best albums this year. don't sleep [2] MY MATE -,-
  • Avatar for insomniakk
    концертик не за горами, на разогреве уан шот гейм, словецкий! 28 числа клуб пипл
  • Avatar for Trautkidd
    sean price fell off pretty badly from his helter skelter days.
  • Avatar for TemuryanVadim
    Krasnodar is FUCKIN waitin!
  • Avatar for chlindh
    One of my current favourites. Good work, guys!
  • Avatar for Mr_Naxay
    чуббака очень крутой
  • Avatar for WESTSIDEKILLA
    Чубакка ебашит
  • Avatar for WinterBaseNL
  • Avatar for aaronWHAT
    one of the best albums this year. don't sleep.
  • Avatar for beerad666
    Man, huge Black Milk fan. How'd I missed this?!
  • Avatar for nyhc-dms
    Bismillahirrahmanirrahim P!!!
  • Avatar for aanorr
    Fuckin fire on Hip Hop Kemp! [2]
  • Avatar for Stynon
    Lol @ Siara1899
  • Avatar for WinterBaseNL
    Sean Price is fucking awesome!
  • Avatar for siara1899
    I way better like Black Milk on solo. Album is good, but worse than Hell: The Sequel.
  • Avatar for sugarrayallen
    Perfect album. Lyrics, flow and beats.
  • Avatar for pigeondetective
    my fav. album right now
  • Avatar for fr35h
    Random Axe>Monumental
  • Avatar for AlDogg1992
    random call the best song album
  • Avatar for Vladislav-TrAsT
    хули тут так мало?!
  • Avatar for dj-clap
  • Avatar for Grenouille_
    dope dope dope
  • Avatar for BubbaDude117
    SEAN P!
  • Avatar for ifake


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