• Rammstein - Rosenrot

    30 Nov 2005, 21:50 by rubicante

    I've finally managed to listen to Rammstein's new album. So here are my thoughts - as non-sensical and incoherent as they may be at 4 am.

    I like it. It may not be Mutter and it is no Herzeleid, but it stands on its own as a testament to the creativity of the band as well as their ability not to be swayed by what the public seemingly demands - which, by what I understand from most R+ fans, is another Mutter. What I respect about this band is that they make completely new music and are not afraid to experiment and perhaps get it wrong. I certainly have preferences as to what the songs should be, but I have yet to be disappointed by Rammstein in all my years of listening to them.

    I have been a fan since late 96-early 97, so that'd be nearly 9 years now. And I can see myself listening to the same music in ten, even twenty years. There is something very permanent about it. As much as I love pure rock music, industrial will always be my true love. …
  • Rammstein

    8 Nov 2005, 03:20 by purplevelvet


    (this is not a detailed account of each track on the album, merely my own impressions and thoughts!)

    before i delay it any longer, finally some comments about the new rammstein cd, which i have now listened to for nearly a week.

    the first impression was, this is a typical rammstein album! and i am glad about that!

    yes, i do think they have progressed, especially with the more mellow tracks, but all the trademark rammstein ingredients are there: great musical sound, some heavy guitars and pounding rhythem (i like it!), some slower pieces, above all, the amazing voice of till, who gives each track an added dimension, i like
    the way he enunciates every word! he is a great story teller, drawing you right in, keeping your attention, slowly unfolding more and more!

    the most surprising thing about this album was the duet between till and sharleen from texas, such a great and melancholic love song, my favourite track! i was really sceptical about this in the beginning…