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    Wohin gehst du? Wohin?
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    So glad this song is now on Spotify.
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    No coincidence that this features Turkish/Arabic samples as those are the largest minorities in Germany. But as usual, there's irony in this, a very German concept in that Selbstkritik as well as examining things FROM ALL ANGLES is a very German thing. "Denk, was du willst", interpret it as you like, is a recurring theme with Rammstein.
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    This video is a piece of art, haha
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    Wohin gehst Du.. Wohin...
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    Das ist meiland, deutschland
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    The irony is that Americans are all foreigners in North America. The only true Americans are the native peoples (Indians). The current Americans, whites, blacks, Hispanics ... are but usurpers who stole the land to the natives, and intend to plunder the planet. The "American Dream" is going to end soon as the end of the video Rammstein :)
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    Boss Hoss version is absolutly amaizng. :D and according to orginall one I wish, if someday Rammstein would finally realise new album, to have such power like this song
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    Great video, great song.
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    I wish I could heart this more than once.
    the song is great, but I think the demo version is better. [2]
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    i wanna play the guitar on fire!
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    Check out my new vid!!) "What could have been if Alex Chandon was the director of Rammstein's "Mein Land" (censored)
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    Alle interpretieren sie - dann will ichs auch mal probieren: Mein Land hat nichts mit Stränden oder Badehandtüchern zutun, nichts mit Nationalitäten und nichts mit irgendwelchen Völkern. Das lyrische Ich ist in diesem Lied auf der Suche nach seinem Zuhause, dem Ort, wo es ruhen kann, wo es endlich seine Heimat findet - sein "Land". Doch überall, wo es hinkommt, sagen die "Anderen": "Das ist mein Land." Das heißt, DU kannst hier nichts bleiben. Es wird das Bild eines ewigen Wanderes produziert, der den "Horizont entzwei" reißt und alle Herrenländer nach einem Ort absucht, der ihn endlich zum Bleiben "einlädt". Man könnte hierzu die eigene "Landlosigkeit" der Rammsteiner sehen, ihr Geburtsland, die DDR, gibt es ja auch nicht mehr. Allerdings ist die "Ostalgie" nicht wirklich herauszuhören. Viel eher glaube ich, das Lindemann mal wieder die nötige Poesie direkt aus seinem "vertriebenen Herzen" zieht. Ganz klar: Eins der besten Lieder, die Rammstein je gemacht hat. Rock on!
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    the song is great, but I think the demo version is better.
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    the best!
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    Rammstein come back!!!!
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    The video of this cool song is sexy and funny. Love the track.
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    sau geil
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    Which is the very thing being discussed here - the lyrics and the video produced by said free speech.
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    It's a great song, even if it "makes fun of america". Does not really matter, it is music, a way to free speech.
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    The lyrics are pretty vague on this one, definitely need the video to get any meaning out of it. I feel like they already took the piss out of America enough with Amerika, don't really see a reason they'd need to do it again. I like what Infest is saying, would be great if they turned the joke on themselves this time around.
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    @o1951620513o: Yeah, the song reminds me a lot of "Amerika" and U.S.
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    actually i believe this song is about the german attitude of pretending to possess everything they see when they are in a foreign country, especially at a beach. germans are well known for reserving the chairs at the beach with towels, which reflects this attitude very well. other than that, this song is just a brief information for all americans, that RAMMSTEIN is back in good ol' america! :D
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    Epische Bridge, geiles Lied insgesamt!
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    great song. teledysk też fajny. xD
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    Karte für Berlin am 14.12 is gestern gekommen =)
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    Erinnert mich stark an 'Amerika'. >:) Subtilität à la Rammstein ... genial. Jungs, ihr seid so geil ! XD
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    Video is wonderful!
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    @ErikWarmelink *okay face*.
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    love it <3
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    @Amdor666 @Tobey-lp The main problem is that -> "Is this track name wrong or misspelt? Suggest a correction." doesn't help, because thinks that a change in capitalization is irrelevant.
  • Avatar for Tobey-lp
    Remove this fucking CAPS LOCK!
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    Why capitals?
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    @Finrodes:Mein Land reminds me of Wadimanns Heil (the instrumentation especially)
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    pretty straightforward and aggresive, like it a lot!!! kinda remind me of LIFAD (song)
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    fucking awesome song!!!
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    Basically, this song says... "Damn foreigners, get off my lawn. :P"
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    Imo this song is a critique of multiculturalism. And the failing of multiculturalism is a slow process...great song!
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    It's awesome!!!!! ОХУЕННЫЙ ТРЕК ЧУВАКИ !
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    thanks sancezz (Y)
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    ааааа, супер! тащусь прям) great
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    great song
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    @ Pedro: This song was released to promote their new compilation album coming out soon. As of a new studio album - your guess is as good as mine as to when/if they're making one. LIFAD wasn't released that long ago in Rammstein terms though, and they usually take about 3-4 years to release each album.


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