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  • Avatar for aphelorah
    The Live Aus Berlin version is the best version of this song for me.
  • Avatar for MartianReaper
    und Staub zu Staub zu Staub zu Staub zu Staub zu Staub zu Staub...
  • Avatar for shoegazefan
  • Avatar for DocMengele
  • Avatar for Tuborggoenner
    Live aus Berlin version has so much power...grrr!
  • Avatar for joecubbie
    "Asche zu Asche und Staub zu Staub"...I wrote this in my assignment notebook and everyone who didn't know Rammstein was like "WTF IS THIS?!?!?!?"
  • Avatar for k6morris
  • Avatar for Mister_Steel
    Probably my favorite song of theirs.
  • Avatar for Fearrademi
    Great Band!!
  • Avatar for Alikys
    Jane D'Arc dedicace :)...
  • Avatar for papua23
    Asche Zu asche! Asche Zu Asche! ich komm wieder, ich komm wieder
  • Avatar for bartlomiejnowak
    Nice riff \m/
  • Avatar for missmeg89
    Asche zu Asche und Staub zu Staub!
  • Avatar for yapy28
  • Avatar for JonathanRG
    good stuff for high intensity interval excercise
  • Avatar for pedro2212
  • Avatar for Swingin1
    As a matter of fact, if you have a killer stereo setup like I do, this shit will make your ears bleed.. You will love it!!
  • Avatar for Swingin1
    The live Aus Berlin DVD is the best Fkn DVD I have ever seen!!! Rockin ass music!
  • Avatar for xr8ted_unearth
    lovin the riff
  • Avatar for annekmatias
    one of my ff :D
  • Avatar for Aimzinator
    For some reason, I never used to listen to this one very much. It's REALLY grown on me lately, though, and now I can't stop listening to it. :D
  • Avatar for JonteJH
    That GuitarRiff is fucking amazing
  • Avatar for Gleb_Fjodoroff
    AMAZING SONG! Epic! One of Rammstein Best
  • Avatar for lalittledeath
    not one of my favs, but still good!
  • Avatar for Afromob
    Und du wirst um Gnade flehen, dann knie ich mich in dein Gesicht - und steck den Finger in die Asche. And I will hunt you down. Gotta love 'em.
  • Avatar for Nika1o2
    Oh yeah.! ;d This is the best.!
  • Avatar for Happy_Funeral
    One of their best, AWESOME!!!!
  • Avatar for gunnut
    besser gibts doch garnichts!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Sasakr
    Boring disco
  • Avatar for NachoNikke69
  • Avatar for Eishera
    The lyrics are pretty good. If you don't understand them, you're only having half of the fun listening, I think.
  • Avatar for tollcollect
    "Asche zu Asche, Staub zu Staub" = Ashes to ashes dust to dust
  • Avatar for a_jeda
    top lied mit wahnsinns text !!
  • Avatar for thedarkensoul
    I love Rammsteini! <3
  • Avatar for matihost
  • Avatar for lordstorti
    zieht gut...!
  • Avatar for MuchasMaracas
    der song rockt
  • Avatar for onthejuice
    another great track from this great band .....i dont understand the words but you can "feel" where the songs are going
  • Avatar for chumbanomirchi
    "Du Hast Mich" is one of my favorite tracks when aboard the Borg vessel!:). Unfortunately, don't know much German...just English, Spanish & French. But primo muzik, nonetheless.
  • Avatar for mofritz
    und staub zu staub zu staub zu staub...
  • Avatar for ashi7123
    I cnt understand german... but still Rammstein is my fav industrial metal band :)
  • Avatar for Nouyrinri
    "Asche zu Asche und Staub zu Staub" *dances*
  • Avatar for Dette04
  • Avatar for muraliavarma
    Pure Anthem!
  • Avatar for FolkRock7777777
    love this
  • Avatar for Fishmonger78
    Cheesy Keyboard??? I love it man suits the song fine. This is my favorite album of Rammstein's other then Mutter.
  • Avatar for rbkdarkgirl
    Rammstein es lo mejor que hay!!!!!! XP
  • Avatar for mechanical-eel
    Rammstein is pretty fantastic to listen to when preparing for a German exam :D
  • Avatar for sueseas
    I love this song so hard, especially the cheesy keyboard.
  • Avatar for DarkestEye
    this whole f'n album is badass!


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