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  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    There's some similarities to Karyn Crisis's vocal style on these first two albums (and likely all of them,) and I'm fucking LOVING THAT!
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Underrated as hell!
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Mind-blowing stuff! I am ultra impressed. A good friend of mine gave me Intra, but got Pure Therapy and Neutralized on my own. I like 'em a lot! This is one amazing band!
  • Avatar for crazysharky666
    To ad to my previous comment: 'Neutralized' and 'Freaks in Wonderland' are great aswell, although the mastering on FiW feels a bit off. That said, I think that 'Neutralized' is their second best album.
  • Avatar for crazysharky666
    Another band I pretty much have rediscovered. Excellent stuff 'specially the album 'Intra'.
  • Avatar for DarKnEstPodE
    I'm in love with this band, freaking awesome!!! I like all albums, and I really enjoyed FIW another masterpiece |m|
  • Avatar for therottingone
    Escape baby, oh yeah!!
  • Avatar for nnmore
  • Avatar for Nicaizada
    Escape is still the best album of ALL time :]
  • Avatar for bgranli
    Back in 2001 I thought their sound was a bit too clean for my taste (still, I spent countless hours listening to Pure Therapy), but after rediscovering them last week, I have no objections against their sound. I look forward to catch up on everything that has happened post Pure Therapy.
  • Avatar for Century_Skunk
    Ram-Zet needed to go somewhere "different" without losing their identity as I think the formula was becoming stale on Neutralized (ironic also due the album title). I think with FIW they have succeeded in this endeavour - revitalizing themselves without losing any of their "zet-ness" (if that makes any sense). It's fast climbing up my rank of favourites and would probably class it as my 3rd favourite release behind Escape and Intra.
  • Avatar for Mattman001
    I see what GlamMaster is saying when he calls the new album more "commercial"; it sounds different than their past albums, I get it. However, it is by no means an "epic fail". FIW still has Ram-Zet written all over it, and it's still outlandish enough that it cannot be called mainstream by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it boring. If you think so, it's because you're an idiot. FIW is easily another solid release from a solid band. Rock the fuck on, friends!
  • Avatar for BeyondVexing
    Absolutely remarkable album! The more I listen to Freaks In Wonderland, the more I like it. There isn't a Ram-Zet album I dont like.
  • Avatar for max1978
    invalid indeed.
  • Avatar for RealKustin
    Erm... I can understand it takes time for the songs to grow on the listener or that they can't satisfy everyone but seriously... Ram-Zet going "commercial"? Explanation or your opinion = invalid.
  • Avatar for Divine_Trick
    Let's go to Russia after concert in Belarus!!!
  • Avatar for sOULiON
    what's with the generic youtubesque comments ("i have an opinion but i can't explain it or use my own words to discribe it." then don't type anything.)? how is the new album a fail and what makes it boring to you? commercial means i can play it to my mom and my dance club friends and they will like it, right? no! it might not be as fierce as escape and neutralized but it still has technical parts and doesn't lack the ram-zet vibe. i'm enjoying the even more theatrical flair on this one, will listen to it a few more and invite anybody that likes ram-zet and related bands to do so as well.
  • Avatar for Sanibroyeur
    new album is an EPIC fail... boring and commercial [2]
  • Avatar for Glamaster
    new album is an EPIC fail... boring and commercial!!! A shame to the norwegian metal scene!
  • Avatar for Glamaster
  • Avatar for JohnLateralus
    Unexpect before Unexpect
  • Avatar for DeadViper
  • Avatar for RealKustin
    Just finished listening to their entire discography and I bought the Freaks In Wonderland album in Spotify. So far, even after a couple of listens of this new album I've still got to digest the most of it but I enjoyed it since it's still so refreshing in the end. Definitely looking forward to discover more from it.
  • Avatar for max1978
    i just cant find the way to buy new CD, their distributor site is fcked up
  • Avatar for astapoff
    vote for new photo
  • Avatar for jpcesar
    Just bought it on iTunes, best 7eur ever spent on a cd.
  • Avatar for SceneryOfLoss
    @RealKustin: Just 6,99€ on iTunes ;-)
  • Avatar for RealKustin
    Ooh, if my money didn't run out on my bills and fun times, I definitely wouldn't have to wait until I could afford Freak In Wonderland. But at least I can go for a Ram-Zet marathon leading up to this. Ram-Zet has caught my interest thanks albums such as Escape and Neutralized. :)
  • Avatar for SceneryOfLoss
    Totally agree with Century_Skunk.
  • Avatar for Century_Skunk
    Loving the new organic sound on FIW, and they haven't suffered from the lack of violins at all. Definitely back on top form - up there with Escape and Intra for me. Brilliant.
  • Avatar for Sanguine_Sky
    Freaks In Wonderland is a must have...for everyone! [3]
  • Avatar for SceneryOfLoss
    Freaks In Wonderland is a must have...for everyone! [2]
  • Avatar for MoonSanctuary
    V Agreed, Freaks in Wonderland is another magical masterpiece of awesomeness.
  • Avatar for BeyondVexing
    Freaks In Wonderland is a must have...for everyone!
  • Avatar for Century_Skunk
    For those in the UK - digital download of the new album "Freaks in Wonderland" available at Amazon from Monday (5th March) -
  • Avatar for Whatevernaught
    [url=]夢中夢 - 祈り[/url] just spreading some luvv
  • Avatar for BeyondVexing
    Two new songs off of their new album Freaks In Wonderland....AWESOME!
  • Avatar for crazysharky666
    This band is amazing, i keep listening to them lately :D
  • Avatar for WasNotWhyNot
  • Avatar for PhAntOmEttA
    The Final Thrill
  • Avatar for Chrisstinerocky
    i love it
  • Avatar for Olli6
  • Avatar for AlexdeLima88
  • Avatar for UndeadLetters
    Intelligent exchange below.
  • Avatar for Liadz
    Some butts just get hurt too easily.
  • Avatar for fableofdream
    ... ok.
  • Avatar for RealKustin
    And Sfinx' demo sounds kick-ass, it has potential to sound up to par with Ram-Zet. \m/
  • Avatar for RealKustin
    At least we're not whiny to make a big deal about shoutbox memes and copy remarks. Tolerance = WIN!
  • Avatar for fableofdream
    Yeah well I'm not a dude, and it's not saying a lot about your own intelligence that you call me a douche or a dick. If you're here for the music, then ignore me it's not like I cared. I just hate this trend of always adding [+] to everything. This shit spreads like a plague, it's in every shoutbox and it's goddamn annoying. I know I could just ignore it but I don't because I actually read the shoutboxes because they sometimes contain interesting points of view. So if just one person changes his usual + for a simple "I agree because..." after reading this message, I'll be glad. Now go on and insult me all you like. Anyway, your shout does not make any sense because you are judging people who dislike the female vocals in this band as much as I judge people who think they are better because they like them. You are all as retarded and clueless to tell them they're idiots for disliking them, because their opinion is as good as yours.
  • Avatar for PoisonOath
    @fableofdream lol dude.. Calm down, people are just having fun. You must have a rather low level of intelligence if you didn't catch the joke behind the infitiy plus whatever. In any-case, I'm here for this music not judgemental douches like yourself. I love this band ∞ + ∞ eat that dick!


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