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Biography of Ralph de Jongh & Crazy Hearts
Rasperformer Ralph de Jongh http://ralphdejongh.com started his career as a solo artist as interpreter of the Nederblues. Improvising on stage with only a guitar he played Oerblues who came from his toes. He was discovered in the Amer in Amen by icon Harry Muskee "Cuby" and did a long time the support of Cuby & the Blizzards. Bennie Jolink from normal also took this Dutch musician, also m.SC. antique Chinese philosophy is, under his wing and showed him his support. Like soul singer Waylon, where De Jongh long for a tour program. All these great artists saw the same thing: Ralph de Jongh on stage is a thrill.

Roots-rock The past year, the originating Brabantse Ralph de Jongh developed further and together with his band Crazy Hearts in May is the official debut album, ' More than words ', released by record company . Major sources of inspiration for the new sound, the Groningen guitarist Christof Bauwens and pianist Bas Mulder. Live on stage together they developed a unique sound based on roots, soul, blues, southern rock and old fashioned rock 'n roll.

Crazy Hearts The band Crazy Hearts also comprises bassist Jasper Mortier, drummer Marcel Wolthof and percussionist Arend Bouwmeester. Piece by piece excellent musicians with a long record of service. Crazy Hearts refers to the American stakeholders of the country under which names as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson is fast. Also the band of Ralph de Jongh grabs back on the attitude of these icons and their fight against smooth music. Just like they want them on a raw and quirky way of music-making.

Motor Music Music friend and producer Huub Reijnders (Blöf, Giovanca) gave a first move in 2010 for a solid and catchy debut album. He brought structure in the oeuvre of de Jongh and his Crazy Hearts and knew the demo recordings of the band in the Motor Music Studio in Mechelen into eleven catchy songs. Reijnders has the unbridled energy that characterizes De Jongh, well know to turn it into a highly styled album. The mixing of the album he did in his Amsterdam Earforce Studio. The mastering happened at Amsterdammastering by Darius van Helfteren.

Songs Ralph de Jongh writes in his songs, especially about love. Relationships with older women, EXEs who ignore or excessive expressions of love, everything is discussed. But also the death is in the song Everybody. It is de Jongh well succeeded the improvisation of text that he has during live shows, bite, and in a fixed shape. As a result, an album full of beautiful and authentic songs.

Breakthrough With this cd can be spoken of official breakthrough performer De Jongh along with his band Crazy Hearts. The Baarnaar works as a musician since his early years a strong career. Action is often even more so his first than are second nature. Every week he gave an intense action somewhere. Of small smoky pubs to large international festivals. Everywhere know De Jongh with his live-performance always to fascinate everyone. Now together with his band, he will be an even larger audience to please know with his music.

Phenomenon With the editing of this debut album is De Jongh to the point that the public is going to discover him. The audience will be surprised by this new Dutch phenomenon that with verve can be compared to greats like Herman Brood or Arno Hintjens. Or he himself is ready for success? He is in any case, supported by a strong bond and a good record label. And a characteristic sound similar to a young Mick Jagger. How big his star is rising will be the future learning. Connoisseurs had him already in the holes, now even the rest of the world.

Release More than words, Ralph de Jongh & the Crazy Hearts, Pias Netherlands may 28, 2011.

Occupation: Ralph de Jongh – vocals, guitar. Bas Mulder – keyboards, backing vocals. Christof Bauwens – guitar, backing vocals Marcel Wolthof – drums, backing vocals Jasper Mortier – bass. Eagle Bouwmeester – percussion, saxophone.

http://www.crazyhearts.nl | http://ralphdejongh.com

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