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There are two groups with this name:

1. A prog-folk trio from Calgary, Canada.

Sultry boy girl duets weave through newstyle prog-folk. This cello, guitar, drum trio pulls unexpected beat memories from the places your heart has heard before. Raleigh is a trio from Calgary, AB with a sound larger than their line-up might imply, and a style that is difficult to pigeonhole.

2. A post hardcore band from Massachusetts, USA.

Starting out in the early days of February 2006, RALEIGH thrived on the idea of creating a style of music that would keep their listeners wanting more. With no band member over the age of 21, RALEIGH would not be classified as veterans of the Indie/Post Hardcore music scene. However, do not let this sway your opinion on this brand new 5 piece out of the South Shore Massachusetts area. The becoming sound of RALEIGH is centered on "bringing the rock" with their own inspired and creative flair. "We have a pop punk sound with a Post Hardcore twist that is both unexpected and refreshing," explains Ome, "We never said that we wanted to be a replication of any other band when we first started. We simply wanted to create a form of music that we felt comfortable playing, so in turn everyone that listens to us can bond with our music that much more."

This unique sound is evident in the bands debut singles Its Held in the Silence and Videxia, which were released May 30th and July 5th respectively. Produced by Eric Stobbart (Bassist of local talent ASTREA) and mixed and mastered by Eric as well, the bands first releases are already being hailed as fan favorites by RALEIGH's already strong following. Growing stronger and stronger by the day, RALEIGH was overtaken by the response that they received from not only the local fans of the area, but as well as the local bands that they have looked up to for years.

You can check out some of their music at their myspace page, http://myspace.com/raleighmusic.

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