• Borderlands Soundtrack Review

    2 Mar 2010, 18:33 by Pasya

    For the last ten years a release of a new franchise has been quite a responsible and high-profile mission reminding of a space probe launch somewhere to Saturn – much investment, long flight and no guaranty of finding anything useful on the planet. New universes are reluctant to take roots, are often whimsical and naughty, and it takes a long way for them to rise from the dunghill. One can just look at the bunch of sequels and prequels released this year so as to realize this simple truth. So a postapocalyptic shooter with cel-shaded graphics (hey, comics!) and RPG elements like in Diablo couldn’t be more unexpected. One can only envy courage of 2K Games sponsoring the project. Welcome the winner of the Innovation Award!

    Several colonization ships journey to Pandora (Hello, Avatar!) to lay a foundation for the future civilization. To the colonists’ disappointment there appears to be nothing useful on the planet, just interplanetary garbage and a legend about “The Vault“ (a supposed mysterious treasure trove)…