• Approximately 25 favorite shows

    25 Aug 2009, 01:53 by lessrockmoretok

    (cross-post from my facebook)

    My friend Laura posted 50 shows attended, and I responded with a very quick list of 50. My friend Annie posted 50 shows with comments and mentioned that "50 is not a very big number." She's right, 50 is not that many bands/musicians, and my earlier list was kinda dumb.

    As it happens I had a kind of list on my computer of my favorite live music performances ever, though it was sort of tentative and incomplete, but it even had some web citations and stuff where I found precise dates. So I dug it up and updated it a bit. Here they are, not in any particular order.

    Ween (930 club, 10/28/96)
    We were near the front of the stage, I nearly died of euphoria when I heard "The Blarney Stone" for the first time in my life. This was after their country album and before The Mollusk, some of their awesomest material. They were backed by a bunch of Nashville session players. Amazing.

    Journey & Foreigner (Nissan Pavilion, 7/13/99)
  • WRIR's Second Anniversary Party - Rah Bras Last Show!

    27 Jan 2007, 15:58 by DerekSunshine

    Last year's party had over 1000 folks celebrate the first year of Richmond Independent Radio. This year, we're hoping for just as big a party. The bands will be

    Rah Bras
    The Gaskets
    David Shultz & the Skyline
    Josh Small & Liza Kate

    Also, there will be a wide range of DJs spinning

    Michael Gourrier (host of Bebop & Beyond With Mr. Jazz, heard Sunday 9-11 AM on WRIR)
    Tall Feathers (Inter Tribal, Saturday 6-9 AM)
    Eric Walters (Wide Ear Folk, Tuesday 5-7 PM)
    Herschel (Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock 'N' Roll High School, Monday night-Tuesday morning 1-3 AM)
    Christian Hendrickson (This Modern Beat, Friday 7-9 PM)
    Ira (The British Breakfast, Saturday 9-11 AM)
    JTF (Mutiny, Saturday 7-9 PM)
    Jesse Split & Miss Joanna O (Frequency, Saturday 11 PM-1 AM)

    So, if you're hitting First Friday this week, make sure you drop by the party.
  • Because you all care about my opinion...

    8 Jan 2006, 18:46 by ohhsoeclectic

    2005 was the year I downloaded soulseek, without it I would have only heard about ¼ of the albums on this list. For me, this year was filled with new music (from both old and new bands), as well as some surprising albums from some old favorites. There are still many 2005 releases I have yet to hear, but I postponed making this list as long as I could. I have been trying to buy my top ten on vinyl recently, but I am poor.

    1)Deerhoof- The Runners Four
    Not enough people agree with me on how fantastic this album is. Even though this album comes in around 4th for my favorite Deerhoof albums (with Revillie, Halfbird and Apple O' ahead of it), on this album Deerhoof did something unexpected: they made a guitar album that doesn't make why I love Deerhoof disappear. It's interesting while simultaneously being accessible to the average listener. In a year where a lot of indie music was boring and lacked actual innovation, I knew this had to be album of the year.