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  • Avatar for menorinfrator
    The chef mothafucka
  • Avatar for juniorfarivs
    Raekwon & Flume <3
  • Avatar for cookedbacon
    the chef always cookin up something tasty
  • Avatar for agentzerooo
    money, hoes, designer clothes n shows yall
  • Avatar for da-ICEMAN
    FILA is actually really great !
  • Avatar for koopstaknicca
    cuban linx 1 is flawless from start to finish
  • Avatar for cinquefoilz
    Surgical Gloves rules, I wish he had more Alchemist beats on OB4CL2 or just all the time
  • Avatar for baconcheezzz
    only built for cuban linksys
  • Avatar for colleenmedley
    His features on Twelve Reasons to Die II are killer!
  • Avatar for Rebel2DaGrain
    FILA isn't THAT bad. Where it fails it fails pretty bad (*cough* *cough*wall to wall fila world*cough* *cough*) but otherwise I think it's solid. He definitely aimed for more pop appeal with this one but that's not necessarily a bad thing; still 100x better than 99% of the crap on the radio right now.
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    FILA? FAIL more like...
  • Avatar for oedipalmass
    One of the worst albums of the year.
  • Avatar for sunny4001
    .. I'm afraid so. *torn* :|
  • Avatar for robotpwnsyou
    skits are embarrassing as well as some of the features so far
  • Avatar for alefspfc
    FILA is boring :/
  • Avatar for illmatic96
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    Not feeling FILA on first listen, might need to grow on me.
  • Avatar for timothybarnes
    Fly International Luxurious Art is really good. The song with French Montana might be the weakest joint on the whole thing, "FILA World" with 2 Chainz being my favorite. Overall it's quite good, ASAP Rocky guest spot and everything.
  • Avatar for illmatic96
    French montana feature is one of the worst things i have ever heard.
  • Avatar for mithushan
    People thought with these features the album would suck.. I like it!!
  • Avatar for adwrt
    good stuff
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    Some of the guest appearances aren't filling me with much confidence... 2 Chainz? ASAP Rocky? French fucking Montana? Ughhhh...
  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    Raekwon Talks Wu-Tang Clan & Details On "F.I.L.A."
  • Avatar for ManDirky
    It's coming out in April. And it's not like Detox.
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    Is FILA ever coming out? It's like Detox all over again.
  • Avatar for JordanMatondo
    Everyone should give "We Wanna Thank You (mixtape)" a try if they haven't already.
  • Avatar for alex_robe
    we wanna thank you is great
  • Avatar for alefspfc
    New mixtape is bumping
  • Avatar for pakllena
  • Avatar for DickBigems
    Estelle? Akon? The guest appearances don't fill me with too much confidence. [2] On the flip side, the throwback tracks he's been releasing recently are pretty good.
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    Estelle? Akon? The guest appearances don't fill me with too much confidence.
  • Avatar for jussi_m
    FILA coming Sept. 16, according to wikipedia and a few other sites
  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    Raekwon- Wishing On A Star
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    Here's hoping FILA will be good. Anyone know of a release date?
  • Avatar for jussi_m
  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    [New] Raekwon & Ghostface Killah - Slim Thick (Remix)
  • Avatar for OG-Gurda
  • Avatar for iGOROCK32
  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    New Single off "Oxymoron" ScHoolboy Q ft Raekwon - "Blind Threats"
  • Avatar for Gwynbleiddsfang
    OB4CL... > Liquid Swords/36 Chambers
  • Avatar for jussi_m
    OB4CL2 is a classic. [3]
  • Avatar for vulcanarchist
    It's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...", with dots, because it was originally meant to be "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Niggas"
  • Avatar for kubA89
    OB4CL2 is a classic. [2]
  • Avatar for DickBigems
    OB4CL2 is a classic.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    yolo bro dis tite shiz yo
  • Avatar for u-neeks
    It's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..." (with dots).
  • Avatar for MarthaMasters
    So it's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" or "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..." ?
  • Avatar for DropSoap
    OB4CL2 is fucking amazing guys. I used to listen to it when it just came out and thought it just had some great beats and was catchy enough to put on repeat but after re-listening to it I realized how on-point this album actually is. Whoa.
  • Avatar for DickBigems
    Not only will it be tough to top OB4CL2 (much less the original OB4CL), it'll be tough to live up to the expectations and standards that that series of album has. OB4CL2 managed to be great because of a great flurry of beat selection from greats like RZA, Marley Marl, Pete Rock, J Dilla, Erick Sermon, and Alchemist. It'll be interesting to see if he can get that kind of great production on the third installment of the OB4CL series, it almost seems improbable, especially after hearing Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang. An OB4CL album can't have guys like Jim Jones or Rick Ross, and can Rae step up once again to the plate lyrically is another question. We'll have to see.
  • Avatar for JordanMatondo
    My favorite Wu member!


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