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We Suck Young Blood (4:08)


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  • i love the shit out of it
  • What's up with the hate? I loved this at first listen. [2]
  • Ok...I guess I need to get used to these odd claps first...
  • magnificent
  • Dem claps. (shiver) [2]
  • Great/10
  • the best of Htt
  • this song is stuck inside my head
  • Dem claps. (shiver)
  • This song in the dark is the most frightening thing ever.
  • Dem claps straight from the ATL
  • My favorite song from this album. It sounds really strange and mad
  • Singing together with this song is like drugs to me
  • Really nice and massive song. Love the obvious "Freedom" borrowings, I do like both songs though.
  • my favorite radiohead track, so insane :3
  • What's up with the hate? I loved this at first listen.
  • interesting. i'm not used to it, but give me more time and i might love this. for now... not so much. :-/
  • love radiohead... not this song
  • Freedom for your daddy Freedom for your momma Freedom for your brothers and sisters But no freedom for me.
  • One of my favourites songs ever.
  • annoying
  • Such a cruel yet beautiful song.
  • each Radiohead song is a little work of art...undoubtedly [2]
  • Que MEDA!
  • one of my favorites of HttT [4]
  • The fact that the piano part at 2:58 doesn't go on for the rest of the song shows that Thom and Co. have restraint. If they had just continued looping it they would have destroyed the tension of the song and ruined a good thing.
  • shit
  • each Radiohead song is a little work of art...undoubtedly.
  • SICK IN WICKED WAY! It gives me CHILLS every time i hear it as in not in a metaphoric way!
  • 10/10.
  • 4/10
  • Are you strung up by the wrists? We want the young blood <3
  • "Our veins are thin" that line gives me the creeps, the way its vocalised...wow.
  • one of my favorites of HttT [2] Agreed.
  • one of my favorites of HttT
  • 2:58! Give me more!
  • bela lugosi is dead?
  • This is the kind of song someone who'd just sold their soul to the devil would play on the piano.
  • the only song by them that i'm terrified of. i mean i know that it's radiohead, but holy hell! xD
  • "We want the sweet meats" always gets a laugh haha. bit creepy, definitely not one of their best
  • I know 13 songs on Hail To The Theif that are better than this.
  • Greeeeat
  • Amazing ¡
  • Radiohead ... son GRANDES ¡¡¡ maestros ...........
  • creepily beautiful
  • this remind anybody else of No More Shall We Part by Nick Cave?
  • Chupamos Sangre Joven!!!!
  • I think the piano part is fantastic... Amazing song
  • CLAP
  • vampiros love em. thanks for the tracka nd video radiohead.


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