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  • Avatar for gmac1993
    the rain drops the rain drops the rain drops
  • Avatar for jasminder82
    This song is so well-crafted that it transports me to an exact day in my life that was very formative for me.
  • Avatar for Tanru
    pomeranian dogs, pomeranian dogs, pomeranian dogs... :)
  • Avatar for newbornlee
    My air-drumming (or rather, air-cymballing) arms hurt.
  • Avatar for Tatschu
    sit down
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
    probably my favourite song of all time for going to sleep to.
  • Avatar for Buggy08
    POWER RANGERS > already being on drugs > raindrops. In any case, this is an incredible song.
  • Avatar for fredricdafly
    are there alien drugs, are there alien drugs, are there alien drugs...
  • Avatar for celesteh1
    This may be the best song ever recorded.
  • Avatar for DangerousSnails
    Ridiculously brilliant.
  • Avatar for alteredstateman
    walk into the jaws of hell. anytime.
  • Avatar for kflorence
    one of my favorites
  • Avatar for SPLewis
    You can make that raindrops part sound like so many things like people have said below, think it says "power rangers" that's what it will sound like, same with "I'm already on drugs".
  • Avatar for Robsy
    This is amazing
  • Avatar for phenomenigma
    creepy melody. amazing song.
  • Avatar for JonyFreak
    "Hay burritos, hay burritos, hay burritos..." Brilliant.
  • Avatar for jamezdd73
    Brillian track, although it is "raindrops", I always thought it sounded like "I'm already on drugs"
  • Avatar for FickleDickory
    i didn't know he was saying "the raindrops."
  • Avatar for Piki768
    The very end reminds me of Galaga or somethin'.
  • Avatar for Blvd_Nights
    This one always reminded me of Nine Inch Nails, especially during the Fragile years.
  • Avatar for gedrosolan
    the raindrops the raindrops the raindrops
  • Avatar for bruisemine
    on my way home from work the bus passes right next to the parking structure from 'gigantic mouth'....and i always put this song on, and it's always the most beautiful thing, the lights of downtown and the music go perfectly together. the rain drops the rain drops the rain drops.
  • Avatar for ialves
    we can wipe you out anytime
  • Avatar for WeirdFish7
    At 3:03, in the album version, he stars singing BURRITOS BURRITOS BURRITOS! haha
  • Avatar for zdkm
    maybe my fav off httt
  • Avatar for purplecat82
    beautiful hypnotic song!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for unclebp
    saw them in atlanta on tour, it started raining on us right during "raindrops"...amazing! must have been 2002
  • Avatar for lari1985
    Eu não viajo ao ouvir... eu me perco na atmosfera... amo!
  • Avatar for ferjanis
    fico longe.....
  • Avatar for APRILELIZ
    yeah, this was awesome live and otherwise
  • Avatar for julian-rango
    Love it! XD
  • Avatar for StellaSheDives
    god i love this song. saw them twice this summer, heard this live, they were completely amazing.
  • Avatar for yomanhiphopper
    awesome song!!!
  • Avatar for eclev
    Death metal-like lyrics, dysmal repetition of life, tech, melody, trans, mesmorizing shit that I can't ever get sick of...let the rain drops dissolve me while in the jaws of hell....
  • Avatar for ithildin
    Walk into the jaws of hell!
  • Avatar for TruthAndOnly
  • Avatar for NewBornFml
    haha at the end i though he was saying power rangers for awhile x]]] it does sound like it!
  • Avatar for richboyce
    twelve kinds of awesome
  • Avatar for KinkyReggae
    and the raindrops and the raindrops and the raindrops
  • Avatar for khoff
    it still amazes me that this song is essentially just one large crescendo.
  • Avatar for danjonesdj
    the raindrops the raindrops thr raindropss

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