• How Radiohead Found Me

    10 Jan 2010, 04:34 by LiviaIndica

    I am a huge Radiohead fan. I know, "how original". But I'm willing to admit that I am not a longtime fan. I'm a very new fan and have only been seriously listening to them for a year or so. Their music means a lot to me as it was one of the few positive things that got me through a very dark, difficult and excruciatingly painful time in my life. The music of Radiohead was, in fact, the medicine and the comfort that kept me going during the worst experiences I've ever lived through.

    For about 8 months or so I listened to almost nothing besides Radiohead and it saved me. It truly did. And while I don't listen to them so exclusively now their music will always be a part of me, a part of my soul. But that wasn't always the case. I've had a weird relationship with their music and somehow missed the chance to be a fan until recent years.

    Many years ago when I was living on campus during my freshman year in…
  • Review, Pablo Honey

    4 Jul 2008, 07:07 by elladan1

    Radioheads first studio album, Pablo Honey, shows every sign if being just that - first. It's an easygoing, straighforward record which shows no sign of the bands later work. And why would it?

    Pablo Honey was released in 1993, right in the middle of that post-Nirvana hole Kurt Cobain was about to leave. The world urged for a band to fill that hole, and even though Radiohead didn't show much influence by Nirvana (except maybe for Creep), the album was for the 90s just as Bleach was for the late 80s. With Pablo Honey, Radiohead slowly started the winding road creating a new genre. The time of grunge was over, and Radiohead simply demanded the throne with introducing a new sound with their first album.

    However, the start was a silent one. Except for the low-profile hit-song Creep the album didn't have much influence on people. The album simply wasn't brave enough, hence it's considered by most Radiohead-fans to be the weakest one.
  • Use a band to fill in the answers

    26 Jul 2006, 03:33 by BeniWins

    Pick a band/singer and use their SONG TITLES to fill in the answers...

    artist: Radiohead

    [1] Are you male or female?


    [2] Describe yourself?

    Karma Police

    [3] How do you feel about yourself?


    [4] Describe what you are thinking right now?

    I Might Be Wrong

    [5] Describe your current boyfriend/girlfriend?

    In Limbo

    [6] Describe your last boyfriend/girlfriend?

    We Suck Young Blood

    [7] Describe where you currently live?

    Everything in Its Right Place

    [8] If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

    Sail to the Moon

    [9] Your best friend is?


    [10] What would you ask for if you had just one wish?

    Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was

    [11] You know that:

    Anyone Can Play Guitar

    [12] What's the weather like?

    High and Dry

    [13] If your life was a television show, what would it be called?

    Life in a Glass House

    [14] What is life to you?

    Let Down