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  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    This is apparently in 4/4, but the only way I can ever tell is by counting the beats when the drums come in, and when I stop paying attention the rhythm immediately starts baffling me again. Beyond that, this song is utterly sublime. One of the finest moments on Amnesiac.
  • Avatar for Psychopathes
    What a beautiful, beautiful song
  • Avatar for JoeKelleh
    Just btw the rhythm and time signatures of this song mathematically form the equation of a Pyramid geometrically.
  • Avatar for Keola_the_Orca
    How can a man compose a song this good
  • Avatar for corpsetastic
    Amnesiac is a really abrasive record to digest, it is the album I have struggled with the most, I like it I just don't know how much yet.
  • Avatar for laceninja
    For the music nerds...
  • Avatar for neodude991
    This song is so spine-chilling and haunting. I love the imagery of the black-eyed angel in the river... undoubtedly one of their best. [2] Couldn't off put it better my-self!
  • Avatar for ExMachina86
    fantastic piece of music!
  • Avatar for japiface
    this got me into them. it was a revelation [4] this is the first song i've listened by them, heard it on tv when i was around 11 y/o.. i didn't know if i liked or not.. but i think that was the beginning of my musical taste
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    this got me into them. it was a revelation [3] this and seeing them live, I only really liked this and 'Sail To The Moon'
  • Avatar for tiepgeit
    chills,spine,and so on.
  • Avatar for transparentman
    insidiously spellbounding
  • Avatar for KeatonXZX
    favorites come and go... but I think this one's going to stick around for a long time
  • Avatar for niQboy
    The time signature of this song baffles me. If you listen to the rhythm closely you can hear how brilliant it is. What an amazing band.
  • Avatar for furiousn
    This song is so spine-chilling and haunting. I love the imagery of the black-eyed angel in the river... undoubtedly one of their best.
  • Avatar for asilentfire
    Here it is overdubbed with a section of the same track played 800% slower
  • Avatar for A1000Mistakes
    My fave radiohead song!!!
  • Avatar for MartianReaper
    piano is dissecting my brain
  • Avatar for Footshac
    dat drums!
  • Avatar for neodude991
    So many chills with this one. The piano and vocal delivery are outstanding.
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    Classic Radiohead!
  • Avatar for tibijack
    incedible song the best inspiration of yyorke
  • Avatar for shaunsayers
    Some songs are not just good, they scream clever as well
  • Avatar for everlost_
    Damn. So good.
  • Avatar for jasminder82
  • Avatar for Davin_S
    Possibly my favorite Radiohead song. The lyrics and the song as a whole is so beautiful.
  • Avatar for vidalog32
    "Dormir ouvindo Radiohead"
  • Avatar for binak
    this got me into them. it was a revelation [2]
  • Avatar for xmii
    the drums in this song are fucking perfect.
  • Avatar for TofuttiBreak
  • Avatar for Monade2010
    *** compelling ***
  • Avatar for StacyRenee09
  • Avatar for Johnny_PT
  • Avatar for muerto14
    Masterpiece. Haunting....
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar for Oppressotron
    the 21st century chant... There's nothing to fear... nothing to doubt.
  • Avatar for JakeyWHFC
  • Avatar for stateofgrace9
    I can't get enough of this song! masterpiece!
  • Avatar for millyman77
    One of the best songs ever
  • Avatar for jpzitoleopold
    no words for how much i love this
  • Avatar for WylieTimes37
    Fourteen years later, this song still gives me the chills....
  • Avatar for sleepyheadtM
    how can something so out of order sound this complete, ceases to amaze me every single time.. masterpiece
  • Avatar for vanillatape
    especially love the fucked up time signature
  • Avatar for jpzitoleopold
    outstanding piano work
  • Avatar for Gordonwaits
    ...nicht von dieser Welt !!!
  • Avatar for freeBee1976
    this makes me cry
  • Avatar for Flynner11
    And we all went to heaven in a little row boat...
  • Avatar for LeoReis92
    There was nothing to fear, nothing to doubt...
  • Avatar for Exhibit-A
    All the figures I used to see...
  • Avatar for The_SchizoidMan


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