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Blow Out (4:40)


  • I still stand by my opinion, this wouldn't sound out of place on In Rainbows.
  • when did they play it live for the last time?
  • Yeah yeah yeah! Best track from PH!
  • this is even better played live...sounds really great
  • in my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind....
  • memina: so you can see where Placebo took the part of their image
  • Errr..this ain't Placebo memina..
  • This was always my favourite track on this album. And I totally agree that this would feel at home on In Rainbows.
  • I love placebo, their music make me feel so much
  • So so good
  • The final riff reminds me the tunnel of Monaco.
  • This really wouldn't sound out of place on In Rainbows.
  • this song is totally metal
  • this song is brilliant
  • best off pablo honey
  • Great song, on a great yet vastly underappreciated album.
  • everything I touch turns to stone
  • one of his bests songs, the perfect balance between alt-rock and jazz
  • like this song
  • my favorite from the album.
  • Nice jazzy sound to this one.
  • So underrated!
  • =)
  • Empty shoutbox for such a wonderful song?


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