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  • paul31007

    Love this song! By the way guys if any of u want a free iphone 4 check out this site FREEIPHONE4-METROLYRICS.INFO Actually works! Just got mine the other day haha

    May 2011
  • shrugs1434

    I can hear Climbing Up the Walls in the background of some of this song. Also the backing vocals sound like Thom, but this is surely Chino singing

    September 2010
  • Draniki

    this track is NOT radiohead It's a remix on an import Deftones single for "Be Quiet and Drive" - here's the info from their discography: single catalog title: Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) Pt. 2 (England) - 1998 >>>>>the mix:<<<<< Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) remix - co-produced by Jonah from Far

    July 2010
  • ThePiggy

    It's Thoms voice.

    January 2010
  • Tibholt

    it's deftones not radiohead! deftones in an acoustic version !!

    January 2009
  • nekotjie

    who's voice is it in the radiohead cover, though? it doesn't sound like thom to me..

    May 2008
  • themire

    radiohead are great

    May 2008
  • oestrogen

    This is NOT Radiohead, it is Deftones doing a acoustic version of their own song!

    March 2008
  • JConX_Music

    it's not radiohead it is mislabeled

    November 2007
  • jerrbie


    June 2007
  • ihatecrayons

    it's a radiohead cover of a deftones' song. deftones one is better, bou both are good.

    January 2007
  • freescania

    I think they both have their time and place

    November 2006
  • OaSiS_88

    deftones original is much better

    September 2006
  • Garguy

    wrong...it's a Deftones' song...

    June 2006