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  • Gig Review: Fuzz Factory 4

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    Gig Review: Fuzz Factory 4

    The evening drive through the city of Philadelphia was smooth, the air was crisp, and there was an energy filling the night. After a few turns I approached the Italian Market. The bright neon lights of Geno’s steaks illuminating the path a couple of seconds later I arrived at Teri’s Bar & Diner. You hear the sounds of Latin music playing through speakers overhead and I start to realize that the old Italian market has become a Latin market, tons of little eateries, market shops, and bodegas.

    I walked into Teri’s and was immediately greeted by the staff and the customers, like walking into a neighborhood bar where everyone knows each other and hospitality reigns. A bar is on the right, as you walk in, booths are on the left, and a small stage in the far left hand corner. I set up my gear while talking to Jon (of music for headphones), soundchecked, and time for some grub. So I walk next door of Teri’s to get some authentic beef tacos sprinkled with fresh cilantro, onions, tomatoes, and jalapeños. …