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  • Avatar for lucidcolours
    Well I'm lovesick, baby...
  • Avatar for Currencide
    Instant Breakup is one gem, honestly.
  • Avatar for conditionals
    'Water' is just SO powerful. Amazing track. The rest of the album isn't as good, but still great.
  • Avatar for CagedElephants
    Oh, La. We've got a lot to learn from each other. We have got to stick together.
  • Avatar for MachineOfaDream
    Seriously, Need Your Light is really good. Hope more people pick it up!
  • Avatar for MachineOfaDream
    This new album seems really good on first listen.
  • Avatar for DayMeyrelle
    Absolutely loving <3
  • Avatar for CagedElephants
    Every Time I'm Ready To Hug >>
  • Avatar for Cheeser341
    Loving their new single "Water"'s making me look forward to their new album!
  • Avatar for brett-marks13
    Any of my Ra Ra Riot fans also like Passion Pit!! I cannot wait for the new Passion Pit album Kindred! It comes out on 4/21!!
  • Avatar for MurilloCezar
  • Avatar for Axeforhire66
    Alexandra Lawn's new band. Sounds freaking awesome.
  • Avatar for meredith999
    Actually the new album doesn't sound half as bad as I thought (yes, I only listened to it now). And I found the strings.
  • Avatar for CWAS91
    Suspended in Gaffa <3
  • Avatar for joshy0
    made my first effort with Beta Love today. got two songs in on the train and just went to The Orchard and played that whole album instead. not a good sign but I'll be hopeful. Although I must say all these comments aren't helping much. haha
  • Avatar for Faukes
    beta love <3
  • Avatar for theboredone
    First time I heard Beta Love since it's release, I actually like it now.... it's not amazing but it's a pretty solid up tempo dancey pop effort. The strings are still there, actually still a lot of strings (for the person claiming they've gone).
  • Avatar for MaylsonUFMS
    Beta love ._.
  • Avatar for EverettNK
    Beta Love great album
  • Avatar for meredith999
    Where have the strings gone??
  • Avatar for aisyahdewi
    When I Dream. beautiful beat :)
  • Avatar for JeanetteWall
    Enjoy the latest episode of Sad Kids Club about Ra Ra Riot, as told by Cassandra Baim!
  • Avatar for Injektilo623
    Trying to like the new album. Can't.
  • Avatar for DCozmonaut
    Still amazing new album.
  • Avatar for dubyawhy
    progressively worse and worse. new album is a disappointment
  • Avatar for leanna175
    <3 from a fellow Central NY native!
  • Avatar for Skog-1
    Great job with Beta Love! (2)
  • Avatar for johnonymous
    I take back everything I said about Beta Love. The more time I've spent with this album, the more I've grown to truly hate it. I hope they decided to take their Rhumb Line or Orchard sound to their collab track with The Darcys... maybe they'll redeem this poor band...
  • Avatar for Nobodylikesyou
    No way, record is spectacular.
  • Avatar for StormandStatic
    Beta Love is undeniably their worst album. What's with all the love?
  • Avatar for ajohns47
    I REALLY love this band!
  • Avatar for pedroprudente
    Great job with Beta Love!
  • Avatar for BiskitFoo
    Are you going to Field Trip Music Festival on June 8th? I'm looking for VIP passes - 2 at the minimum, if you have more than that, this is welcomed too. I'm willing to trade my 4 GA passes straight up for 2 VIP passes, GA passes + cash, or just cash period. Please let me know. I'm open to negotiation. Drop a comment on my profile, or send me a message.
  • Avatar for HimitsuUK
    Beta Love, battered oak :3
  • Avatar for kbomb001
    Beta Love = AOTY
  • Avatar for DCozmonaut
    Almost April and: new album' still fucking good
  • Avatar for titchio
    Nothing wrong with shaking it up a bit! Nice work Ra Ra Riot!
  • Avatar for SpasticColon
    I loved the first album, but every album since then has gotten progressively worse :(
  • Avatar for nuretrolover2
    More I listen more I like the new album, superb!
  • Avatar for take_courage
    I guess they'll never be as good as when I first heard that original EP. Shame.
  • Avatar for jmnixon95
    wow i like most of their stuff but beta love is nothing more than shit omg
  • Avatar for bangBANG_urDEAD
    Fans of Ra Ra Riot, check this out.
  • Avatar for likable_G
    I like this album... but I miss so much the cello.
  • Avatar for Lukelevant
    Beta Love's title track is nice, but goddamn the album's a drag.
  • Avatar for bickfords
    beta love! Love this album
  • Avatar for neidisch
    saw the twice unwillingly, still can't seem to like em................
  • Avatar for konstellationen
    just like The Morning Benders/Pop etc they changed their lovely indie style to really soulless pop, sad.
  • Avatar for irhamtanjung
    kmrn nonton di love garage :(
  • Avatar for xJake_Guitarx
    The new album could be way better, but it's not bad! :)
  • Avatar for beefigursk
    Maybe I'm crazy, but I love the new album. [2]


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