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Please note: there are three different artists named Rx.

1: Written as where the character is available. "Rx" being the closest one can come to literally spelling out the outdated symbol mostly associated with pharmaceuticals, is also known as "Ogre + Atkins". Comprised of Ogre (Skinny Puppy, ohGr) and Martin Atkins (ex-Killing Joke, ex-Public Image Ltd., among other acts), the sound of this one-off (to date, aside from a remix album) collaboration, "Bedside Toxicology", is similar to the work of the two's collaborations on Martin's Pigface band/project. This project was going to be named "Ritalin", but copyrights on the drug of the same name stopped that.

2: rx, based out of NY, NY, is the creator of "The Party Party" & album.

He skillfully mixes existing songs and new elements with carefully spliced clips of George W. Bush, Tony Blair, other politicians and media talking heads, satirizing them with their own words.

Videos and MP3s are available for free download at: thepartyparty.com. Tracks include "Imagine / Walk On The Wild Side", "White Lines", and "Dick Is A Killer."

The same artist is in a group project - (me)™ - and is (as of June 2007) running for president (see the website).

3: RX (the band's proper Last.fm tag is RX, not RX) is also the name of a Japanese jazz band consisting of three ex-members of SEIKIMA-II (聖飢魔II); Yuichi "Kaijin" Matsuzaki, Shunsuke "Xenon" Ishikawa and Raiden Yuzawa. They worked with quite a few English vocalists, including John Wetton.

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