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Real Name: Johannes Burström
Birthdate: September 28, 1979
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Affiliations: 8bitpeoples
Website: www.rugarandi.com
Email: rugar@rugarandi.com
ICQ#: 16033031

"If you're a fan of chipsounds, game music, surf rock, tango, hardcore, 8-bit salsa and oriental moods then you'll love Rugar, the king of Nintendo Entertainment System pop!"
- Defrang.com

"Latin NES pop like mixtures … Maybe you'll imagine some Nintendo heroes are in such worlds."
- Hally, Japan
Johannes was born in the late 70s in northern Sweden. While other kids stayed inside playing videogames, he spent his youth singing and eating things he found on the ground. Once in a while, his father would bring his Toshiba laptop home from work, on which Johannes experienced his first and most successful attempts to write Basic programs. Besides that and a few NES rentals, Johannes never had an opportunity to escape reality, and could do nothing but jealously listen to his friends bragging about their latest conquests in the 8-bit world. Today, Johannes has been making music under the name RUGAR since 1998, always with one thing in mind: to create soundtracks for the games he never got to play - music not requiring special fast-shooting skills or superior self control to experience - music about you, me and everything that surrounds us.

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