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  • Avatar for apowers543
    I am from the great beyond
  • Avatar for Penelope_7
    pure perfection.
  • Avatar for hugmyster
    Totally excellent track. One to just chill out to.
  • Avatar for de_meat
  • Avatar for venturagerman
    Nice one
  • Avatar for MyLIAC1
  • Avatar for arsenauta
    nie da sie ich nie lubic
  • Avatar for sweara38
    My current favourite R.E.M. song...
  • Avatar for luiseduardocg
    Surrealistic, dynamic, and sweetly sung
  • Avatar for shentik
    I´m breaking through I´m bending spoons I´m keeping flowers in full bloom I´m looking for answers from the great... answers from the great.... answers...
  • Avatar for fikus-kukis
    Excellent! Love its lyrics.
  • Avatar for simblanco
    brilliant. billiant. brilliant.
  • Avatar for dropdtuna
    It`s a boy Misses Walker -HA
  • Avatar for claocast
    es uno de los conciertos que más he disfrutado en la vida....R.E.M en el personal Fest Argentina
  • Avatar for Doggiusz_dog
    epic and You're right - elephants lol;P
  • Avatar for xiempiethps
    elephants lol
  • Avatar for padj
    one of their best
  • Avatar for MaceoLaban
    the live versions are brilliant
  • Avatar for scott_sea
    My favourite R.E.M. song. Beautiful.
  • Avatar for Diabaram65
    ... live at Napoli (Italy, july 2008) ... simply winderfull!!!
  • Avatar for morphoeugenia
    When I attempt to sing along I sound 10 years old.
  • Avatar for idiotsdream
    Has the proud honour of being R.E.M.'s highest charting single in the UK (#3).
  • Avatar for Blues_Brother
  • Avatar for lenoamnesiac
    uma das melhores letras do R.E.M.
  • Avatar for bittersweet82
    i'm keeping flowers in full bloom
  • Avatar for GucciPiggy90
    In all this talk of time, talk is fine.
  • Avatar for my_throat_hurts
    This is it, the best song ever written.
  • Avatar for Nightswimmerr
    with wings on our feet..
  • Avatar for mixplusik
    It's so similar to the Man on the Moon song... and it's just after MotM on the In Time CD...
  • Avatar for watthead
    Not a B-side, was originally recorded for the soundtrack to the movie Man On The Moon.
  • Avatar for cathgoof
    love the harmonies at the end!
  • Avatar for BrassPioneer
    i used to listen to this all the time
  • Avatar for HendrixFan42
    great song, but it oddly reminds me of Third Eye Blind... hmmm? and I am the only one? and yes, it has better lyrics than TEB
  • Avatar for tomorrowsparty
    Simply fantastic
  • Avatar for mrtom16
  • Avatar for yosoypatrick
    i'm surprised to find that this is probably my favourite R.E.M. track, esp as my younger self loved losing my religion so much...
  • Avatar for PhamilyJules
    Love the lyrics and imagery.
  • Avatar for harmpy
    I'm pushing an elephant up the stairs
  • Avatar for Shichman
    Awesome song
  • Avatar for morphoeugenia
    This is my favorite R.E.M. song ;)
  • Avatar for CantDecideAName
    Better than Man on the Moon.
  • Avatar for PowerHour24
  • Avatar for eLiSiR-21
    Great song!
  • Avatar for xTomer
    great tune
  • Avatar for oozabooman
    It's funny how I can listen to a song over 10 times before realizing how beautiful it is.
  • Avatar for Shaped
    I'm bending spoons.
  • Avatar for kostlod
    idd m8 the song rules
  • Avatar for Zootlesque
    One of the most gorgeous songs ever by any band!


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