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Kohoutek (3:23)


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  • Underrated! Beautiful song
  • To say the truth, this song refers to the Comet Kohoutek, and it is used as a metaphor to describe romantic love. "Like Kohoutek, you were gone" Comets have very eccentric orbits, meaning they may get really close to Earth for a short amount of time and then rapidly go far far away.
  • I remember listening to this as a kid and having no idea of what or who Kohoutek is. I used to think that it might have been some big animal. Some, lol, Foxcatwolf. Lol. I wasn't supposed to speak Czech nor to know about comets. Nice song. Still like it.
  • I've been listening to this album on repeat in the car lately, partly because I've been too lazy to change the cd, and I must say I will never tire of this song. Something about it has always reminded me of the sound of a strong rain, and I love the way his wailing voice sort of harmonizes with the music and then suddenly, almost surprisingly, sounds like it has broken away from it, as if he were singing "above" the noise.
  • Don_Diego: In Czech, "kohoutek" doesn't only mean "faucet", but also "little rooster" and "gun trigger".
  • Pretty magical, so much mystique
  • Love the high notes!
  • that guitar solo, tiny as it is, gets me everytime!
  • like Kohoutek, you were gone.
  • his voice is so muffled in this song... sounds great though. Kind of unmemorable apart from the way he sings some of the lyrics.
  • I can't understand a word he's saying
  • Fairly good song that grew on me veeerrry slowly. Love this though: "We sat in the garden, we stood on the porch. I won't deny myself, we never talked"
  • Kohoutek is a comet, too.
  • You will be pleased to know that "Kohoutek" means "faucet" in Czech.
  • Fever built a bridge, reason tore it down If I am one to follow.. who will stand alone?

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