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  • right at the moment i am so down
  • Awesome!
  • Fine tune. :)
  • Gets better every time i listen to it. [x2]
  • Gets better every time i listen to it.
  • I just heard this song for the first time a couple of weeks ago...idk how. It's a great song.
  • new version on Lifes Rich Pageant deluxe edition is great too.
  • I really like this version better because of Mike Mills echoing vocals!
  • demo version is better.
  • Sounds like Elec Man's stage music.
  • interesting....
  • REM songs tend to take a few listens to digest, then the greatness really hits home.
  • sure it's not the " greatest" R.E. M song, but i'd have to say its pretty cool!!
  • Pavlovian
  • *By now xD
  • My favourite of R.E.M.
  • R.E.M. = BEST
  • friendsss!
  • dispensa comentários!
  • sensacional
  • Tremendos REM!!!
  • I think you'll find that the lyrics are great and the stuttering guitar riff is very memorable as is Michael's voice.
  • Well I really like the song, and it stands out for me. I don't see (hear) anything mediocre about it. It's emotive and slightly unnerving, but beautiful.
  • very nice !!!!!!!!
  • "This song is so meh."
  • it's very nice...but there's nothing exciting or particularly memorable
  • The song is not meh.. In any shape or form.. It's almost perfect pop/rock.
  • This song is so meh.
  • Cameron Crowe has the ability to make any mediocre come to life. I like it in the Vanilla Sky context.
  • one of my favourite rem songs
  • http://remripcapcom.ytmnd.com/

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