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Who Shot Rock and Roll
R.E.M. at Walter's BBQ - the subject of their song "Walter's Theme" - in their hometown, Athens, Georgia in 1984.
Added by Aleck_Zi on 14 Nov 2009
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  • Aleck_Zi

    "My memory is foggy but my guess is that we had spent the whole day shooting around Athens and they were hungry. It wasn't a set up. We were actually eating there. Mike was a vegetarian then and is now. So that is probably my plate of food he has, we just put it there. I was such good friends with the band that my approach was very documentary with them. They were still small at the time: on IRS, still driving in their van and sleeping on floors, but they knew they were on their way to being very successful." -Laura Levine

    14 Nov 2009 Reply