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The Passion of Innocence Unspoiled…R-STONZE

So when you’re young…22 years of age…and you live in the cold environmental and economic climate of North Eastern Ohio, finding a route to the realization of your secret dreams can be tough. Very tough.

But the truly committed persevere.

That’s kind of the story of one Ryan D'Mario Whetstone: AKA: "R-Stonze."

Yeah, he’s young. And, yeah, he’s from a disadvantaged area of the U.S., but that’s never stopped the truly gifted before, and isn’t likely to stop R-STONZE. Born in Harlem, NY, he calls Cleveland home, now, and he calls to the various aspects of life there, in his music.

In 2005 he had the presence of mind to create his own fledgling label, StaKK Money Ent., complete with publishing…something most artists of his age wouldn’t have a clue about…and is represented via ASCAP. No small task. But that reflects his intelligence and sensitivity, as well as his innate business sense.

Perhaps that’s what genuinely sets him apart from the sea of Rap-Star-Wanna-Bes out there. It’s that sensitivity, that observant quality within his personality, that sets his works apart. Yes, he sees and comments on the day-to-day horrors of 21st Century American urban existence: drug dealing, gun play and the gut-wrenching drone of life. But it goes way beyond all of that. R-Stonze’s able to reach out and express for his generation, ALL of the aspects of young urban life. As I said…it’s PASSION that sets him apart, along with his ability to succinctly express that passion for his peers. His lyrical content is for more than just the streets. It’s for life, and its ever-present potential for improvement.

He, despite it all, can still reach out and touch the souls of his listeners, helping them to keep hope in the unspoiled nature of a life improved. That’s the difference. His message is not merely “observance” of existence, but imparts the message that life can “improve,” no matter what the current circumstances may be.

Evidently, his message is reaching its target audience. Since its creation late in 2006, R-Stonze’s MySpace site has reached over 2,000,000 of them, landing his space in MySpace’s Rap Chart more than once, culminating in the #2 spot for Ohio Rap slots. And all totally “grassroots.”

It’s also caught the attention of those that have come before him. 50 Cent's production team, Midi Mafia ("21 Questions, featuring Nate Dogg."), have snagged the R-STONZE vibe. They’ve assigned Lokken Load Ent., one of their most innovative cosigned production cartels, to work with R-STONZE, shepherding the creation of his much-awaited debut solo CD, "Still That Humble." Be ready…it’s slated for release in April of 2008, and is already generating quite a “buzz” among the Cleveland urban cognoscenti.

Yes, R-Stonze’s “eastcoast” presence reminds you of "The Diplomats," "Fabolous," and "Cassidy," to name a few, but it’s SO much more. He continually shares his vision of a life improved with fans via an endless stream of mixtapes and live performance with local and well known deejays. It’s freaking infectious, and it’s being taken to heart!

But then again…that seems to be the nature of the passion of innocence unspoiled…and the
R-STONZE view.

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