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  • Avatar for Beanoboo
  • Avatar for sub-z3r0
    Some tune
  • Avatar for mixt4pe
    great TRiCKY !!
  • Avatar for amaliiakanabias
  • Avatar for baby_bloom
  • Avatar for AndyCastles
    Tricky Tricky!!!
  • Avatar for GenoRamJam
    Mouarf ! Est ce qu'il y a des froggies par ici ...??? Triky Triky la trick.
  • Avatar for faiqbal
    ehem pufff....
  • Avatar for koko_kringle
    whoa i've never seen so many hate comments on here before. i like it. lol.
  • Avatar for Anajiram85
    sicky sicky... :) love it
  • Avatar for IALISON
  • Avatar for ixkukul
  • Avatar for Aspis
    So yeah, reckoned I didn't have the necessary rights to upload the remix and they've deleted it. But you can still listen to the YouTube version. Cheers to all for listening!
  • Avatar for kellylucubrates
    diggin' it
  • Avatar for carlaisawaffle
    tricky is noice
  • Avatar for BellumOm
    me like, too many haters.. great remix ! ;)
  • Avatar for cybertrex
    very tricky, oh no!
  • Avatar for digilong
    NO!!! just f**k NO!!!
  • Avatar for somealtgirlx
  • Avatar for listnlots
    Don't think this will grow on me I'm afraid. I like a lot of their stuff though. just not this.
  • Avatar for iloveyouohno
    Having problems with downloading it, I get a 503 - Service Unavailable!
  • Avatar for natu26
    why is 6 afraid of 7? cause 7 ate 9!!!!!
  • Avatar for sevapg
    Good effort, keep doing what you doing
  • Avatar for landnotlevel
    it's bad, just so on a f+cking high level, which is just above 'okay' in my ears. so yes, it's good enough for me. stop hatin'...
  • Avatar for opus183
    Sounds like the Knife
  • Avatar for yoroxstar
    This one's not for me, but keep making more.
  • Avatar for alexoviner
  • Avatar for Nospherith
    its a tricky tricky its little 1 2 well if its a lunatic we'll name it after you
  • Avatar for zecken_zange
  • Avatar for gruene_toene
    does not convince me, sorry.
  • Avatar for onitorment
    Very listenable.
  • Avatar for Shoegazer29
    Doesn't really go anywhere. I heard some better remixes of "Tricky Tricky" on Royksopp's website.
  • Avatar for Pro-dux
    Was this made with reason??. brosef, I'm learning the program, if you can message me how you split songs (as in, vocals, beat, percussions etc) into separate files I'd love you. I'm not too great with this program. Nice remix, under appreciated.
  • Avatar for masquerave
  • Avatar for moonridre
    i agree with gazgod, needs a bit more depth. good but too basic.
  • Avatar for alainpasha
    Cool beats - love it =D
  • Avatar for JellyFred
    I like it so much!!! :D
  • Avatar for GazGod
    This remix is a bit crap...
  • Avatar for Tachikoma-Ko
    @ robertoking - no wonder, if you think the most wonderful music in the world is Whitney Houston :P
  • Avatar for robertoking
    I don't like this remix too.
  • Avatar for ceemet
    tricky tricky.. nice.. very nice.. me <3
  • Avatar for tarataz
    nice 1
  • Avatar for faeryboy
    bardzo na tak !!!!
  • Avatar for Kate1961
    no i proszę, jesteś mega zdolny facet! Well done!
  • Avatar for faeryboy
    royksopp is royksopp and royksopp in remix might be something totally different ;) just reinterpretation
  • Avatar for yuaelt
    it's a remix and it's made by someone else. of course it sounds different and I would be disappointed if it didn't. good job, Kai
  • Avatar for C05T1N
    I don't like. It's too mellow for what I like to think of as Royksopp.

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