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There are at least three artists with the name Quick and the Dead:

1) A band from the Island of Jersey based in the UK.
2) An ex-band from the United States.
3) An Australian Oi! band, active 1979-1983.

1) Quick and the Dead (UK)

Quick and the Dead are four boys from the Island of Jersey who write pop music. Since they were 17, the band have been building a profile in the UK based on live shows, vocal harmonies, riffing and pop hooks. Well schooled in the testaments of Refused and At the Drive-in, the boys also draw on the choral aspects of Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes.

After four years writing and touring as Marvel, the boys have changed their name to QUICK AND THE DEAD ahead of the release of their debut EP FOR THE RHYTHM. Produced at Stakeout Studios by Jason Wilcock (Ghost of a Thousand, You Me At Six, My Passion, Fightstar) the EP begins with Best Of Myspace pick ‘Get Scared?’ where frontman Nick Baxter enthuses ‘You’ve never heard a sound like this before’.

At the heart of QUICK AND THE DEAD is the awareness that ‘Yeah, it’s short term’. The message within the FOR THE RHYTHM EP is to feel and to fight for the rhythms of life, to make the most of it, as it won’t last forever. Much like life, the record is short but bursting with drama. QUICK AND THE DEAD fight frustration and turmoil with spirit and life. In ‘Sparks’, Nick sings ‘We’ll search for smiles in the dark’. You can find positives even at the hardest of times. In title track ‘For The Rhythm’, guitarist and co-vocalist Todd Macdonald asserts ‘I will never give up ‘cos this is all I know’. Self-belief is everything. Elsewhere, in ‘Carry On Reaper’ and ‘Savaged’ the band deal with differing kinds of loss in a powerful and cathartic way.

QUICK AND THE DEAD tour in England and Europe later this year.

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Since 2003 Quick and the Dead have been writing and recording non-stop. With three full length albums, countless EP’s and a fourth full length album on the way; Quick and the Dead show no signs of slowing down. With great reviews following their sophomore release, “Consider Your Options”, Quick and the Dead received a great amount of label attention and press. Three months after “Consider Your Options” was released Quick and the Dead went back into the studio to record “The Perfect Plan In Imperfect Hands”. After a brief tour and making an appearance at the 2006 Van’s Warped Tour, Quick and the Dead decided that it was time to go into the studio once again to make their latest full length, “Going Home”.

“Going Home” is a change in the band’s style of music and line up, though still delivers the same energy and likeable songs that fans have come to love about Quick and the Dead. With 13 brand new songs in the works, styles range between the pop rock attitude of the single “We Take Advantage”, to the heart driven ballad, “Holding on to a Dream”. The album is the band’s favorite yet. “The album is the exact style we have been driving towards since the beginning. We have finally found what we want in an album” says Kerry Gould, drummer of Quick and the Dead.

Currently finishing the album in their home studio, the band is also designing the artwork and booking a summer/fall pacific tour. Quick and the Dead have been doing everything themselves since the beginning, whether it be designing their own merchandise, booking their own tours or recording their own albums, all while holding day jobs.

Quick and the Dead broke up in 2008 and former lead vocalist/guitarist Shane Gould and Bassist Nick have gone on to start the band ADVANTAGE which will release their debut "Say Your Best, Do Your Worst" in Spring 2009.

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3) Quick and the Dead Australia
Quick and the Dead were Australia's first RAC (Rock Against Communism) band. The band was formed in 1979 as Audio Damage but changed their name to Quick and the Dead in 1980. They released an album-length demo tape called "Kick into '82" and a 7" called "Another Violent Night". They broke up in 1983, their final gig being in Perth.

In 2007, the music from the 7", the demo, a demo tape recorded in 1979 as Audio Damage and another one recorded in 1980, their final gig in 1983, an unreleased EP called "Chewy Chewy" and TV news reports were packaged in a 4 CD box set.

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