• 100 Greatest Trance Songs

    2 Feb 2008, 03:19 by Jatup

    Here is a list of 100 best trance tracks of all time according to me!

    If you have any recommendations, please send them to me and hopefully they will make the list even better. I will try to update as often as I can, depending on the amount of changes. I will not update every time I add or move a track.

    I realize the list will not please everyone so don't treat it too seriously. I created it for fun and I thought it would be nice to share it with others, but it's not really serious business... Everyone has a different taste. If you feel the need to disagree with it in the comments you are welcome to do so of course ;)

    I love recommendations, but please don’t give me a list of 50 artists not represented on my list and expect me to check them out. It’s a waste of your and my time because trust me, I won’t check out all 50 of them and picking just one is pointless so at the end I’ll just ignore your recommendation. Single tracks or full length albums work best.

  • Rotations (Dec 23)

    23 Dec 2007, 15:48 by liftmuziek

    I am happy to report, that has finally opened its doors for business. In the works for almost half a year, The Music Lobby is a place where music lovers congregate and share their discoveries. Our mission is to provide music listeners with refined taste that exposes them to great music, and only great music. We don't waste time reviewing music not worth your time, and we don't waste your time making you read long-winded reviews. We're music lovers, not English majors. If you like what you've been reading in my Rotations, then be sure to drop by for the latest at The Music Lobby. After all, I'm one of the contributors!


    Rafael Anton Irisarri - Daydreaming (Miasmah, Feb 2007)
    If you're feeling melancholic, pouting about your sad and miserable existence, and need a soundtrack to give those tears another nudge before they finally break through... well... …
  • Rotations (Oct 27- Nov 9)

    9 Nov 2007, 23:57 by liftmuziek

    Smells Like Autumn
    Whip out your slicker and breathe in the burning fireplace - autumn is here. The weather is crisp, somber, and haunting with the shadow playing leaves and the hungry trotting squirrels. I think I'm falling for fall, and choosing it as my favorite season, if not for the music that seeped out of my headphones. Speaking of season, don't forget to check out the latest liftmuziek compilation I whipped out last weekend, appropriately titled smells like autumn, it collects some of my favorite tracks that have appeared in the last couple rotations. Well, onto this installment! (and don't forget to drop me a note at the end...)


    KASHIWA Daisuke - Program Music I (MIDI Creative, Aug 2007)
    I must begin my rotations with this album. A perfect blend of extremely well crafted and absolutely gorgeous acoustic modern classical with post-rock and glitchy beats. Is it possible? YES! Two tracks within this one…
  • Travel Sickness

    20 Oct 2007, 23:29 by liftmuziek

    Look what finally arrived in my mailbox today! I tracked it down through, and had it shipped all the way form Spain. And it's worth it every penny!!!

    Oh, the beautiful 12" sized wooden box that still has a wonderful aroma of cedar. The eight tiny 3" CDs with minimalistic design of butterflies. The packaging is simply outstanding. But it's not just about the package (although this beats any MP3 download hands down) - it's also about the music on this perfect Hymen release from February 2006.

    cd1. Lusine ICL
    cd2. SolarX
    cd3. Lowfish
    cd4. Gridlock
    cd5. Psi Spy
    cd6. Snog
    cd7. Hecq
    cd8. Mad EP

    oi oi oi oi oi!!!
    I'm so excited. Ripping these to lossless and shutting off all phones and closing all doors to submerge myself in travel sickness!

    (more on this release at interlinks : Arovane Venetian Snares Squarepusher Proem Funckarma Deru Blamstrain Kettel
  • Surveys

    17 Sep 2007, 18:09 by chenka

    I can't do homework. I can't watch dorama (and seriously, I am deprived!). I can't listen to music on my computer (thank gawd I can without a computer). Because these days, my computer is made of fail. Thus, even though I have tons of other non-computer things to do XD, I r bored. SURVEYTIME.

    Albums Overall Chart Survey
    Go to your charts page and ask for your albums overall chart. Write down the top 10 and answer the questions.

    1) L'Arc~en~Ciel - AWAKE
    2) DIR EN GREY - Vulgar
    3) Hyde - 666
    4) L'Arc~en~Ciel - Ray
    5) DIR EN GREY - Withering to death
    6) L'Arc~en~Ciel - Heart
    7) L'Arc~en~Ciel - Tierra
    8) L'Arc~en~Ciel - SMILE
    9) L'Arc~en~Ciel - DUNE
    10) Hyde - Faith

    01. Which album are you most likely to listen to when feeling depressed?
    Withering to death

    02. Which album are you most likely to listen to when feeling high?

    03. Which album have you liked the longest?

    04. Which album have you liked for the least amount of time?

  • 2006 best of

    25 Dec 2006, 14:37 by placid

    It was difficult for me to establish these charts. 2006 was a good year for the music. Many long awaited albums were released. many surprises occurred. And also some deceptions. But.. I hope the next year will be at least as good as this one.

    Here are some categories i classified the releases. I'm not trying to pigeonhole an artist to a style. I brought these categories for a more comprehensive ratings to the albums. I's better to bring several categories instead of jamming totally different artists into one chart. (ex. Funckarma is spicy, Last Days is grаy, and Belong is rough)

    Maybe you'll disagree with me on the order or the presence or the absence of an artist.

    The following charts are strictly personal and does not tend to be exhaustive or ubiquitous.

    10. - Onamatapea; Antennas And Signals
    09. - suture
    08. - Wind and Water
    07. - The Digil Parker Project
    06. - Goodnight Noises Everywhere
    05. - Bion Glent
    04. - You Shall Have Ever Been
    03. - Caipruss
    02. - Patience
  • Another A to Z...

    7 Dec 2006, 22:36 by lankybadger

  • Spoiled rotten

    14 Nov 2006, 21:35 by spxl

    Having quite a few friends who are quite in to their music (up to those who are seriously involved), and in whose company vast quantities of awesome tracks are laid down, it often makes the sit-down-and-listen-to-music-at-home experience less gratifying than it could be.

    My taste in music has certainly changed over the years, and despite occasionally laying out hundreds of dollars on CDs, throwing a few tracks on myself isn't quite the same as having two or three friends mixing it up with a vast stores of (often rare) wax.

    I'm now used to having "my own personal DJ". I think there's an element of laziness there as well, as choosing tracks does require effort, but I think it's also about the variety, depth, range... and the surprise.

    Out of the probably weeks-worth of music I have access to, I've recently found myself loving to death (well, I hope not) a series of mixes posted by "Asmadeus" (a Chicago-based DJ). …
  • Paradigm Shift radio show playlist for 23/10/06

    23 Oct 2006, 08:19 by sebsnarl

    The Paradigm Shift is a weekly Monday night radio show presented by Sub Bass Snarl on Sydney radio station 2SER fm 107.3MHz - see for the live web stream!

    It airs Monday nights 2030 hours for 90 minutes (Australian Eastern Standard Time - GMT+10).

    Tonight we start off back in the late 60s and early 70s with some orientalist jazz, Italian and Scottish prog rock before settling into some more traditional Paradigm Shift fare.

    Bill Plummer - Journey To The east (Impulse)
    Aktuala - Sarah Ngweha (Bla Bla)
    Magic Carpet - The Phoenix (Essex)
    Foscil - Reme Bangor (Fourth City)
    Paavoharju - Valo Tihkuu Kaiken Läpi [Yhä Hämärää] (Fonal)
    Johann Johansson - The Sun's Gone Dim & The Sky's Turned Black (4AD)
    Max Richter - Harmonium (Fat Cat)
    Tim Hecker - Chimeras (Kranky)
    Adrian Klumpes - Weave In And Out (Leaf)
    Squarepusher - Circlewave 2 (Warp)
    Andy Stott - Come To Me (Modern Love)
    Kode9 & The Spaceape - Quantum (Hyperdub)
  • Week #37 - Broken RAMAC

    17 Sep 2006, 17:05 by placid

    Maybe I'm anticipating but I can state that the events for this autumn are two steam-bursting hot albums: Caipruss and Patience.

    Quench - Caipruss

    You already know Funckarma the Netherlands electronic group consisted by the brothers Roel and Don Funcken, their numerous aliases (Cenik, Android, Cane, Eaven, Quench) and their collab with Celine and nongenetic (forming the experimental hip-hop trio Shadow Huntaz). The most awaited event these last months was the new album recorded under their Quench moniker. It was a time before their last release (not counting their other projects and their controversial Refurbished One) so I’ve listened to Dyn for a fast revision and comparison with the new material. Their new sound is less broken and stretched, more rhythmic compared to O.M. - X.H. but is interpreting the same haunting atmospheres and melancholic moods, showing us very dexterous use of the (psycho) aural space. That’s understandable – Roel studied sonology (sonology is the study of sound. …