• Thumbs up to the Audioscrobbler crew

    9 Aug 2005, 21:07 by prla

    After having shut down my own blog a couple of weeks ago, Audioscrobbler gives me an excuse to go from blogging about life, the universe and everything into just rambling about music. A welcome change, if you ask me.

    First things first, though. Aside the utter slowness of the whole site and some minor quirks here and there, it's possible to see this revamp came for the better and it's definitely neat. The new features, at least the ones I've had to time to check out so far, are great and so a serious thumbs-up for the guys behind AS. It was good before, but now it seems to have become great. Good job, folks!

    As far as music is concerned, I gotta tell you I've been spinning This Godless Endeavor no end and really this album has some serious shredding in it. It seems Nevermore just keep topping themselves with every album they put out and I'm pleasantly left wondering where can these guys really go. I don't want to jump in the album of the year bandwagon just yet…