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  • Avatar for natalielala
    Reminds me of Whitewater by Kyuss
  • Avatar for DavCnuk
    it's amazing!
  • Avatar for gonzeaux
    great, something above [2] Creepy and awesome [2]
  • Avatar for im_not
    It blows my imagination
  • Avatar for -Buddhist-
    underrated track.
  • Avatar for Random_Hobo
    blew my mind
  • Avatar for prime1128
    I think the latter half of the song is the vinegaroons.
  • Avatar for lovkraft
  • Avatar for fferee
    best. song. ever.
  • Avatar for AngelOf_Mercy_
    I believe you can get stoned just by listening to this o.o
  • Avatar for porcelina1409
    call me crazy, but I lik just about every damn QOTSA album. (although, agreed that Era Vulgaris is my least favorite). But as far as the others, they are all pretty golden to me.
  • Avatar for Miraclemunkee
    Vinegaroons are gross-looking little fudgers. But this song is awesome. Complete awesome...
  • Avatar for Jemoiii
    This is incredible.
  • Avatar for mjscholl
  • Avatar for Soundservant
    Sounds like a Lullabies take out. Really shouldn't be on their self-titled
  • Avatar for LukiBieniek
  • Avatar for Jayappleseed
    i wish they stayed like this.
  • Avatar for ucantquitmebaby
    fucking class. [2]
  • Avatar for zbigniewww
    great, something above
  • Avatar for Danielcarmoo
    Creepy and awesome.
  • Avatar for Bernkit
    oh back in the day...
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    i disagree
  • Avatar for Hiercho
    I would dig it very much!!! And don't say they don't do this shit anymore. Era Vulgaris is full of this stuff.
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    i wonder how the public would receive a new QotSA album with tracks like this
  • Avatar for xnoidorx
    Awesome song!
  • Avatar for Nickz0r
    It makes me sad going through QOTSA in reverse. They were so brilliant in the early years
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    eh? this is standard track on the Kyuss / QotSA split
  • Avatar for Crutchagga
    Is this a bonus track or something? I'm pretty sure it's not on my copy...
  • Avatar for jo4nny
    It's true, I was tapping my fingers on my desk from about 25 seconds the suspense in this song.
  • Avatar for fferee
  • Avatar for DesertGypsy4
    Mmm, Josh Homme
  • Avatar for dudefude
    Man, I wish they pursued this sound a bit more... slow and trippy.
  • Avatar for slowhand666
    still awesome
  • Avatar for j_morrison
    Fuckin' au some
  • Avatar for ladyhamlet
    fucking class.
  • Avatar for mruttan
  • Avatar for calmlikeaBomb_
    stoner industrial
  • Avatar for InTheFade89
    great song.
  • Avatar for FernandoDANTE
    Trippy as fuck.
  • Avatar for mo-pop
    Absolutely amazing!
  • Avatar for trilby_foxglove
    :) i just lost
  • Avatar for _angelofbabylon
    I'll pay anyone who doesnt start tapping their feet or fingers to this song!
  • Avatar for misterportman
    Took me away for it's duration. Love this shit.
  • Avatar for SteveAustin1
    i like just Zoned out completely. awesome stuff!
  • Avatar for callmegreta
    The woman on the cover, what instrument does her panties play? I mean why would they have a picture of them if they don't do anything, that would be rally unprofessional
  • Avatar for getsmart
    Watching the Over the Years and Through the Woods DVD got me into this song again. So awesome.
  • Avatar for zelenzaek
  • Avatar for lchavanne
    love it ;)

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