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  • Avatar for isamuuh
    geiler song! wow!
  • Avatar for Catatonics
    Favourite song. In both listening and playing.
  • Avatar for badkamer
    sweetness, press play and relax! one of their best!
  • Avatar for Hudson_Bow
    Beautiful song!!! Never get tired of it!
  • Avatar for pecusita
    oh, the song and video that inspired a generation of iPod ads... hahaha.
  • Avatar for cvmz
    I cant wash you off my skin.
  • Avatar for cory_grimes
    I can't wait for this song on Rock Band.
  • Avatar for Vldmrhrnndz
    Never get tired of it can play it forever... favorite song although not the best...
  • Avatar for Vihko
    Yeah i agree Vash1414. Love driving to this song.
  • Avatar for dark_raven_666
    Great! And the video rocks. I think this song is similar to Placebo.
  • Avatar for dkislyuk
    The video is very badass. Creative.
  • Avatar for red157
    Trivia for whoever reads this. Grohl doesn't drum on this track, Rated R's Gene Trautmann does and it's Joey who appears in the video. This band has had a lot of drummers.
  • Avatar for etrenocturne
    sickest video ever. seriously.
  • Avatar for Woutt
  • Avatar for X_Fayli_X
    I love this song.
  • Avatar for pepecasablancas
    Best song to crash to :)))
  • Avatar for dkislyuk
    cannot.. stop.. listening... awesome video too.
  • Avatar for Dostoy
    oh, i love this song <3
  • Avatar for Shaunography
    It's already a classic.
  • Avatar for natybixcoito
    ♥ HOT³ ³ ³ ¨¨ ! ♥
  • Avatar for Vash1414
    Awesome song to drive to, espeically in a manual ^_^
  • Avatar for evilgreg
    best song of the album.
  • Avatar for Twang6
  • Avatar for niarbehtnozyob
    Ridiculously hot. Best driving song ever.
  • Avatar for deurwaarder
    Still amazing.
  • Avatar for kulenseka
    with this song you just wanna jump, get high and make love
  • Avatar for j_morrison
    I never get bored at how fuckin' great this song is!! Long live QOTSA!
  • Avatar for Bowstring
    Awesome song.
  • Avatar for aneaca
    great song
  • Avatar for Vldmrhrnndz
    the perfect song to get hyped, and high and ready to kick everybody's asssss!
  • Avatar for AsthrayHeart
    simply amazing.
  • Avatar for grode
    Not the best off of the album, but holy shit does it rock!
  • Avatar for daveyboygenius
    what the heck is it about?
  • Avatar for tica_mya
    ı love this song so much !!!one of my favourites
  • Avatar for senorwoohoo
    Probably my favorite QOTSA song.
  • Avatar for __hellohannah
    I want something good to die for, to make it beautiful to live.
  • Avatar for knir26
    killer track
  • Avatar for igneoustempest
    its addictive. and the lapsteel is also great.
  • Avatar for deurwaarder
    To my amazement this song never gets boring and it’s a fantastic track!
  • Avatar for skyline19
    best QOTSA song imo
  • Avatar for irchs
    Agreed, one of their finest...
  • Avatar for Stelios86
    Just can't get enough!!!!!!
  • Avatar for krustywazoo
    Man, I love this song


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