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Queens of the Stone Age

Go With the Flow (3:07)


  • Do you believe it in your head? Do you believe in your head? Do you believe it in your head?
  • when i hear this song in my car i must speed must
  • Is it just me or not? Whenever I hear this song I can't stop from air drumming the entire thing..
  • With this Song I get into QotSA 5 years ago and I still love it like on the first day ^^
  • geiler song! wow!
  • Favourite song. In both listening and playing.
  • sweetness, press play and relax! one of their best!
  • Beautiful song!!! Never get tired of it!
  • oh, the song and video that inspired a generation of iPod ads... hahaha.
  • I cant wash you off my skin.
  • I can't wait for this song on Rock Band.
  • Never get tired of it can play it forever... favorite song although not the best...
  • Yeah i agree Vash1414. Love driving to this song.
  • Great! And the video rocks. I think this song is similar to Placebo.
  • The video is very badass. Creative.
  • Trivia for whoever reads this. Grohl doesn't drum on this track, Rated R's Gene Trautmann does and it's Joey who appears in the video. This band has had a lot of drummers.
  • sickest video ever. seriously.
  • yeahhh!
  • I love this song.
  • Best song to crash to :)))
  • cannot.. stop.. listening... awesome video too.
  • oh, i love this song <3
  • It's already a classic.
  • ♥ HOT³ ³ ³ ¨¨ ! ♥
  • Awesome song to drive to, espeically in a manual ^_^
  • best song of the album.
  • Class.
  • Ridiculously hot. Best driving song ever.
  • Still amazing.
  • with this song you just wanna jump, get high and make love
  • I never get bored at how fuckin' great this song is!! Long live QOTSA!
  • Awesome song.
  • great song
  • the perfect song to get hyped, and high and ready to kick everybody's asssss!
  • simply amazing.
  • Not the best off of the album, but holy shit does it rock!
  • what the heck is it about?
  • ı love this song so much !!!one of my favourites
  • Probably my favorite QOTSA song.
  • I want something good to die for, to make it beautiful to live.
  • killer track
  • its addictive. and the lapsteel is also great.
  • To my amazement this song never gets boring and it’s a fantastic track!
  • best QOTSA song imo
  • Agreed, one of their finest...
  • Just can't get enough!!!!!!
  • Man, I love this song


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