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  • Avatar for theironictea
    Worst QOTSA song. Terrible.
  • Avatar for Maz1789
    Listening to this high is terrifying/fascinating
  • Avatar for corpsetastic
    Funky and flaking like a frenetic fish caught in a net of nettles.
  • Avatar for Angeleyes_619
    great album all around!
  • Avatar for indie777
    such a crazy, catchy song. era vulgaris definetely my faovrite Queens album
  • Avatar for DangWangi
    A great song for just about anything you need an elevated heart beat for! hahah!
  • Avatar for xtwntraphq
    How much of a twisted brain you have to have to write a tune like this. Pure genius
  • Avatar for ranmakawakita
    battery acid in my veins :3
  • Avatar for Megatron-1
    This song is catchy as fuck.
  • Avatar for ThePixelHeart
  • Avatar for Kimberly-Jade
    Every masochist, gets a turn, The sadistic twist, you'll never learn
  • Avatar for YoQueSe666
  • Avatar for AprilPhantom
    billy corgan has been a shithead since 2001, I could give a fuck if his shithead followers boo off great rock and roll, which billy seems to have blown his load after everyone quit and he became a broken man, a broken creepy shell of his former soul.
  • Avatar for staytooned
    class A album.....played this cd until it started to skip this song alot.... :(
  • Avatar for Paard
    This song is sick.
  • Avatar for prime1128
    It's grown on me a lot.
  • Avatar for soundenterprise
    I hated this song at first. Now it makes me laugh every time I hear it and I love it. So I do the robot dance really fast. DUNUNUNU NUN NUN DUNUNUNU NUN!
  • Avatar for apeirophobia
    I would have booed off old baldy vampire if it were me.
  • Avatar for SpinInDaffodils
    robots! robots!
  • Avatar for polo77j
    Not my favorite song ... but it's Queens so it has THAT going for it
  • Avatar for EmmaLeigh94
  • Avatar for szczypiorofix
    Jump! Jump! Jump!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Dylbear
    Well that crowd must of been full of complete fucking idiots. Queens opened for Pumpkins when i seen them, and they were fucking fantastic.
  • Avatar for whispernoise
    ...Smashing Pumpkins...
  • Avatar for ghostchild1979
    These guys opened for the Smashing Pumpkins on the Arising tour and got booed off the stage.
  • Avatar for RoGeras
    I like Troy's vocals ^_^
  • Avatar for PandaVamp
  • Avatar for Spoonman117
  • Avatar for neeyan
  • Avatar for NotnouK
    wow don't listen to those guys very much but this song is simply awesome
  • Avatar for digao1982
    que som sujo bem legal
  • Avatar for xjunim
  • Avatar for VIKH666
  • Avatar for alaska_s
    oh god i love this song
  • Avatar for DENTROGRAF
  • Avatar for Mulatto
  • Avatar for ReverendJasmine
    love love love. Unidentified remains.... mmm, fucken good song.
  • Avatar for cosmo411
    witty, cute, and even has a bit of bite to it... god i love the format!
  • Avatar for GiseleMartel
    yes i hate how everything is compressed these days sad, i use a very expensive mission amplifier and jbl pro speakers for my stereo, but i cant get a hi fi sound because its so damn compressed!
  • Avatar for hermanator05
    kinda throwaway, no?
  • Avatar for eatmorepossum
    wouldn't compression make it sound better on last fm? i'm just sayin...
  • Avatar for fuzmeister
    I knew about compression a long time before Rolling Stone covered the topic... I think a lot of people could care less about it, but I think it's ruined a lot of good records over the years. Pity, really...
  • Avatar for painter_tim
    I suppose you all read rolling stone eh? Buy Vinyl!
  • Avatar for CDuG
    Studio engineers are compressing music so it sounds better as an MP3 since that's the big market, but overall it sounds shittier on regular stereos because everything in the studio is cranked to 11 so to speak, rather than having any loud-quiet mix dynamic.
  • Avatar for colinhunt
    what are you both talking about?
  • Avatar for fuzmeister
    Is the album really THAT compressed? I mean, compared to something like Californication...
  • Avatar for ASsROCKer
    I QOTSA and every single one of their song, but why oh why did they have to overcompress Era Vulgaris?
  • Avatar for Knifymoloko
    Every masochist gets a turn...
  • Avatar for MATI9630
  • Avatar for Sharkyx
    fucking bad ass !


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