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Era Vulgaris


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  • Valar Morghulis
  • 7.3 out 10
  • Love this album to death. I'm Designer rules
  • Their worst in my opinion.
  • Sadly a step behind every other album but the 4 last songs are golden
  • Better than Lullabies!
  • Man, when I first listened to this album, I hated it so much that I could not find one standout track. But after getting used to their style of music by listening to their other albums, I came back to this album again, it is starting to grow on me, and found a few tracks that I felt that were pretty great. Some are a bit lackluster, but an okay album for me. But I'll give it a few more listens. "Turnin' On The Screw", "Sick, Sick, Sick", "Into The Hollow", "Make It Wit Chu", "3's & 7's" and the closer "Run, Pig, Run" are currently my favorites from this. So that's like half the record.
  • Underrated
  • their best album !
  • I want this on record so bad, I need it badly, for reasons.
  • I like this album.
  • River in the Road is simply terrifying in it's own right.
  • fav.
  • The least of the 6 QOTSA albums, but still better than 90% of the shit that other bands put out.
  • My favourite of theirs by far. "Like Clockwork..." was a massive disappointment for me after "Era".
  • favourite QOTSA album [2] a fucking masterpiece
  • Their best in my opinion.
  • A very good album, though probably QOTSA's weakest in my opinion. Still, Queens crushes it every time!
  • strange and amazing album
  • Weird how a lot of people (myself included) didn't really like this album at first, but now a lot of people (myself included) think its one of their best. The true definition of a grower, took me a whole year to get into it. Yet 6 years on I still give it a spin.
  • Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Run, Pig, Run is a really cool song!
  • @Wegotlemons, the listeners to Turnin' On the Screw are low because there's no apostrophe on the track listed above.
  • Excelente álbum!
  • Favourite Queens of the Stone Age album!
  • I think the reason why most people - myself included - didn't like this album at first, is its cold, tinny and sparse sound. To me, it lacks the warmth of their other releases. One user noted that it sounds like driving through Hollywood as opposed to driving through the desert. That is a good comparison.
  • Muito fodaaaaa
  • My least favourite album from QOTSA!!!
  • amazing album.
  • This is uncontrolled insanity; sick and twisted. Didn't like it at first but absolutely grew on me the past two weeks.
  • To me it's their second best right after the debut. Definitely a fine record.
  • Apparently this is inspired by driving through hollywood. rather than a desert like songs for the deaf. Its my favourite album by queens cause i think it sounds most like them crooked vultures
  • the best album of theirs
  • Second favourite album by them, right behind self titled... I think.
  • horrible album
  • into the hollow.
  • I'm Designer's the best.
  • Pues no sé, de verdad.. no me gusta, no entiendo como puede ser el favorito de los cuines para algunos ¿¿???
  • kinda awesome
  • Awesome album. I remember listening to it for whole days about 2 years ago. And I still love it.
  • Second favorite QotSA album.
  • I remember this album getting a lot of shit back when it was first released. Good to see some on last.fm appreciating it.
  • fffffffuuuuu- this album is too good to handle
  • More experimental and I like it.
  • i don't think QOTSA have a 'worst album' this album is just another amazing chapter in the musical novel that is QOTSA.
  • this album made me adore the Queens, so yeah it's the best. Not as hard as the older ones, yes, but this one's like heroin
  • fuck most QOTSA fans, this one's the best by miles. [2]
  • fuck most QOTSA fans, this one's the best by miles.


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