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  • Avatar for maciekced
    Something beautiful!
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Amazing song <3
  • Avatar for kikikirsche
    Kill You !!♪♫
  • Avatar for sneggyuser
    Being Polyamarous, I doubt I have to worry about love.
  • Avatar for charlieismydarl
    Oh yes, it is a beautiful track.
  • Avatar for steamboat58
    Oh ya, beautiful song.
  • Avatar for Elodave
    Hauntingly beautiful.
  • Avatar for charlieismydarl
    What a beautiful song.
  • Avatar for cdyaro
    Great song.
  • Avatar for ladycaroledowns
    Great song!
  • Avatar for tinajaxie
    One of the few songs I can relate to 100 %.
  • Avatar for sneggyuser
    Will it me? I don't know.
  • Avatar for Zero-74
    Great one !
  • Avatar for chefsam57
    Freddie Mercury was so ahead of his time
  • Avatar for sneggyuser
    Excellent song, I love singing it, nowhere near as good as the Great Fred though!
  • Avatar for jawor1906
    Freddie unforgettable voice
  • Avatar for XandraDee
    Amazing one <3
  • Avatar for fantasyorka
    One of the most beautiful rock ballads
  • Avatar for backtothelight
    The rendition on Brian's solo is so much more emotional, stirring, and powerful than the one on Made in Heaven. Love the song, just prefer it sung by its writer, as it holds more meaning.
  • Avatar for Lilith_10
    too much love will kill you if you can't make up your mind...turn between the lover and the love you leave behind... QUEEN!!!
  • Avatar for Alovers
    Very beautiful song
  • Avatar for stig1007
  • Avatar for Tehdew
    this song gives me goosebumps...
  • Avatar for Vodkat_
    a masterpiece...and the lyrics...oh my God! true true true...
  • Avatar for PressxPlay
    beautiful <3
  • Avatar for sneggyuser
    I love singing this.
  • Avatar for mctali
    I'm just a shadow of the man I used to be...
  • Avatar for sir_mikealot
    Really loving this at the moment, truly great song.
  • Avatar for poetwithanaxe
    Excellent speaking of the heart - observed
  • Avatar for crazy4u_
    ...unforgettable QUEEN.......
  • Avatar for leopor
    My all time fav. Queen song [2]
  • Avatar for MazzaYka
    Very beautiful song
  • Avatar for muchaveer
    this song would be so extremely corny if it wasn't all true.
  • Avatar for mortiszia
    true true...
  • Avatar for PartGreyBeard
    To much love did for Freddie in the end
  • Avatar for juicystar889
    too much love will kill you... :(
  • Avatar for shinohiro929
    Nice music, and Nice Lyrics, Nice title.... My God
  • Avatar for ACE2112
  • Avatar for agbwolfie
    one of the all time great songs by these boys
  • Avatar for LadyStarstruck
    I feel like no one ever told the truth to me...about growing up and what a struggle it would be...
  • Avatar for Gangsta-Dewasta
    Much better than Brians version. Beautiful [2]
  • Avatar for marmur7
    i go to his memorial plaque at Kensal Green every day. God bless you, Freddie.
  • Avatar for edmvndo
    lo maximo
  • Avatar for griffman82
    Totally underrated song!
  • Avatar for Aztek-Crokket
    Powerfull !!
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Great song <3
  • Avatar for backtothelight
    Isab3lla: I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you - Brian's version is more passionate (as it's his song), and more personal.
  • Avatar for sneggyuser
    It killed Freddie unfortunately.
  • Avatar for desc62
    Que demais!!! Amo Freddie Mercury!!!! Amo sua voz,amo seu jeito irreverente,amo suas músicas!!!! Suas interpretações são fantásticas,seu trabalho com Montserrat Caballé é uma arte impressionante,as músicas me levam da calma às estrela!!! Te amo Freddie pra sempre!!!!
  • Avatar for Soyerz
    So sad and yet so powerful. Freddie Mercurey, one hell of a man.


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