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Killer Queen (3:00)


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  • download Queen.mp3 http://musicnoow.com/v/v1c0_lyEiG0/my-queen-albums-and-my-queen-poster
  • Queen.mp3 http://musicnoow.com/v/5sPp0QHV_iQ/queen-greatest-hits-best-songs-of-queen
  • Killer song. <3
  • good.
  • Shes a killer queen!
  • Check out Queen's music videos at -- [url=http://www.mixley.com]Mixley[/url]
  • Great song from a great 70's band
  • I think this was there second single after seven seeds of rye. so they were not quite polished performers yet.
  • great <3
  • One of their greatest Hits. Genius....
  • I'd probably get admonished for this on a Kate Bush shoutbox, but isn't the melody of 'Babooshka' somewhat reminiscent of this?
  • Guitarist Brian May wasn’t the only one displaying his musical abilities on this tune: thanks to four-part harmonies with all Queen members providing backing vocals as well as the use of piano, triangle, and chimes, “Killer Queen” was a truly an all-band affair. By becoming a top twenty hit in the UK and the U.S., the Sheer Heart Attack track also paved the way for Queen’s mainstream success. -- watchmojo
  • dynamite with a LASERBEAM
  • The person who did that keeping her knife give it to me please
  • :)
  • cartoon pic pinaholic
  • Epic
  • Am I lucky or what? Everytime I read a comment with a quotation of the lyrics, the song starts playing that same line. Lol.
  • The flow of the lyrics with the delicate majesty of Freddie's voice = perfection.
  • a masterpiece
  • A great single.
  • ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Killer Queen
  • bravo !
  • To avoid complications, she never kept the same address ..... ♥
  • great music!
  • * Killer Queen pose *
  • class
  • classic queen
  • Nice!
  • killer song :)
  • awesome :D
  • :)
  • привык давно к этой песне,но что характерно бывают моменты когда открываешь ее заново.как и каждую песню Queen.
  • The first time I heard this I was three year old and danced and it was amazing (don't remember it but know this because there's a photo of me dancing to this). Will remain one of my favourite songs ever together with Bowie's Starman.
  • Spank! O O I love this tune! Spank! Rock on !!!
  • I wanna try!!!
  • Gina!!!
  • This song is amazing, oh wait, it's Queen, of course it's amazing!
  • Incredible song
  • i love this song
  • thatcher!
  • Wanna try??
  • glory tune....not reachable or repeatable....
  • always my favorite <3
  • Metality , If your refering to the music for 2000 and up, then yes, even some of the earlier music was in the 90's.


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