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  • Avatar for th80
    Love this Song!
  • Avatar for floreste
    'Classic Queen'
  • Avatar for softjunebreeze
    Caviar and cigarettes. Well-versed in etiquette. Extraordinarily nice, she's a Killer Queen!
  • Avatar for rvs28
    Квін - це супер-)
  • Avatar for snowbunny90
    one of the best songs from queen. its the song you could listen to all day and not get tired of it. love emmm
  • Avatar for freddiemercury5
    FREDIES ONE SEXY MAN.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Avatar for viktorkrumfan01
    Shazzeth: I saw them perform Killer Queen live. They had Long hair and Freddie did have long hair at the time. He look so good with long hair..
  • Avatar for amrhassan
    you don't hear songs like this very often.. wow
  • Avatar for nanki
    i looooooooooovvvvve it <3
  • Avatar for ivoryshipping
    Yeah it has an amazing little guitar solo ^_^
  • Avatar for MathiasPage
  • Avatar for Weezo
    Wonderful song.
  • Avatar for FakePoppies
    nage, it's about a gay guy! come on.
  • Avatar for TrixRabbi
    Mesmerizing. This song came on shuffle and it's all I could focus on.
  • Avatar for Magnum357
    such a classic
  • Avatar for vinsst
  • Avatar for Juicedb
    That's Gay
  • Avatar for den_don
    Indeed Quiet Rob. I don't understand how you can make mistakes about this one
  • Avatar for quietrob
    Shazzeth: How did you work that one out? :-S Freddie DID write this song and I do believe Freddie was alive and kicking in 1974!!!!
  • Avatar for kjetilmann
    what naga ? you are an idiot first freddie was bisexuel and second what do you meen by sound so british without being punk ?
  • Avatar for nage
    with all my respect i merely cannot believe this song was written by a gay ;) it shows such an attetude towards women ... plus sounds so british without being punk :) great, great, great !!
  • Avatar for RattyMcSpade
    It's thanks to this song that I first sat up and took notice of Queen. I owe it everything.
  • Avatar for forsss
    i think it's best song ever from queen
  • Avatar for gregage
    One of my faves. :)
  • Avatar for rolflcopter
    hellz yeah


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