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  • Avatar for DeadPenguin
    This song's lyrics speak to me. "Don't fool with fools who'll turn away, keep all good company"
  • Avatar for MrRetardization
    Sounds like a Paul McCartney song
  • Avatar for bossmark1
    This is Groovy
  • Avatar for jsnruf
    Meh. Even classic albums have one crap track, and here it is.
  • Avatar for kissesneverdie
    May is excellent. I was saddened to see him on the same stage as lady gag-a.
  • Avatar for AledMCR
    "I ponder on the lesson of my life's insanity"
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    guitar work is challenging Johnny Marr
  • Avatar for BlackBuddha1
    I tried to follow this advice my whole life.
  • Avatar for ovunqueproteggi
    tribute to the beatles in this song!
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    lol this song is so funny
  • Avatar for pteronophobic
    This sounds very Beatles-esque. Brian almost sounds like Sir Paul on the bridge.
  • Avatar for DavCnuk
    Ukulele! :D
  • Avatar for thedeal
    Brilliant storytelling.
  • Avatar for easyrider3975
    Sounds Alright !!!!!
  • Avatar for plaidsheep
    love love love Brian May!
  • Avatar for backtothelight
    Ah, this track never gets old. Love it!
  • Avatar for ProgShine
    Love Brian May :)
  • Avatar for Heisei-san
    I love it!
  • Avatar for hankster86
    Not his best, but it sure is one of Brian's most fun tunes.
  • Avatar for backtothelight
    One of my favorite songs off of A.N.A.T.O, and of Queen in general. Brian May's guitar virtuosity is displayed brilliantly on this track.
  • Avatar for Leabrow
    Queen forever! (:
  • Avatar for trixie50
  • Avatar for Lagneu
    Muah, like Ivan Mladek & Banjo Band. But every great group has a beginning.. xD
  • Avatar for Retro_Saiyan
    A great pop song.
  • Avatar for alvaronigro
    Poooooooooooooooooop???Go to listen to Madonna.
  • Avatar for TuneBlendR
    This is without question my favourite Queen LP... "Best Friend" and "Prophet Song" and of course "BR".
  • Avatar for TPIMaster
    The solo (don't know if you can call it a solo as it's a whole montage of notes recorded separately but whatever) is soo brilliantly done.
  • Avatar for amaroK_usr
    Both wrong: It's a Ukulele Banjo :P
  • Avatar for queenfanine
    This Banjo is great!!
  • Avatar for bromero
    Uke le le ;)
  • Avatar for fredsambo
    I used to groove listening to this on record with my dad's huge headphones.
  • Avatar for SweetestRevenge
    @amaroK_usr: I was just thinking that
  • Avatar for amaroK_usr
    Reminds me of Paul McCartney :)
  • Avatar for RattyMcSpade
    I love the rhyming! Played all day with Sally J, the girl from number...four!

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