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  • Avatar for MarkTunes23
    Awesome track!!
  • Avatar for Buck63760
    Masterpiece !!!
  • Avatar for red0moon
    Love it!
  • Avatar for corky64
  • Avatar for shoegazefan
  • Avatar for Abetancourt_
    Kick so much asses :))
  • Avatar for Lemon-Spider
    God her voice is awesome
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Opeth
    more screams!!! *_*
  • Avatar for BILLTHEBEARD
    Great track
  • Avatar for chibinovachan
    Pretty Like Drugs is playing for me as well but I had the same problem on songs by another artist being mislabeled before. I'm not sure what causes it. :( Awesome song though.
  • Avatar for kslamx
    ugh <3. fucking amazing.
  • Avatar for harand1397
    Idk why people are saying this is childproof. the track playing for me is Pretty Like Drugs
  • Avatar for violaghost
    I love it no matter what but please. Please. Correct this to "Childproof" smh
  • Avatar for stepherrific
    rockin out with my c*ck out!
  • Avatar for skipingbeats
    her voice is like otep meets the the start but at moments she does have her own essence very nice
  • Avatar for Carl_Aldridge7
    me too
  • Avatar for LostImeem
    This isn't "Pretty - Like Drugs." This is "Childproof." At least that was the song that played for me. "I've seen your eyes shine."
  • Avatar for jarckee
    xd+++ que loco
  • Avatar for Septacle
  • Avatar for RioT_BomB
    XD iM Pr3Tty likeDrugs.. DX
  • Avatar for reble_grrl
  • Avatar for sixcourse
    LOVE THIS SHIT!!! !! !! !! !!!
  • Avatar for fadeout32
    bang.. thump.. bang.. thump.. bang.. thump.. bang.. thump.. bang.. thump..
  • Avatar for mickiato
    check out the video
  • Avatar for CyberTeaParty
    That's pretty awesome. :3
  • Avatar for JoelTheCat
    I love this song so much!! It's so messed up it's AMAZING.
  • Avatar for Zarutza
    n_n Queen Adreena!!! Definitivamente su música es hermosa... es como una droga.
  • Avatar for needmymusictoda
  • Avatar for Ezeldav
    The bass here gets me every time.
  • Avatar for Mary_Phoenix
  • Avatar for DiDaDose
    pushing lifestyle song... :)
  • Avatar for sakuraKhey
    Ew. I dont know if its the quality of the sound or if the band truly is bad.
  • Avatar for b060113last
  • Avatar for leejeongeun
    Queen Adreena – Pretty Like Drugs Good!!:)
  • Avatar for Nanomorph
    I can't stop listening to this track...
  • Avatar for TehHappyChikin
    This song makes me think of Nancy Spungen.
  • Avatar for samnluce
    This is brilliant and I can't get it out of my head...
  • Avatar for nothingunusual
    zaynzaynzayn, no, she doesn't.
  • Avatar for the_beauty_666
    mmmmm sexxxy drugs heheheh amo esta cancion
  • Avatar for zaynzaynzayn
    courtney love arises
  • Avatar for amanda248
    Her voice just puts me in another frame of mind and her music is very addictive love it!
  • Avatar for Bubble-Factory
  • Avatar for docktertim
    Not safe with drugs......
  • Avatar for mickiato
  • Avatar for klauzita
    que musica tan rara! pero hipnotiza cañon!
  • Avatar for suzie_cyanide
    this is amazing deffo another female idol to add to the list
  • Avatar for JoelTheCat
    I'd like to think if you shook me violently, awesome music like this would come out.
  • Avatar for pandora_13
    The world is watching as i take my last breath The world is watching as I get undressed Coz I'm pretty like drugs
  • Avatar for phyr0
    I love it! it make me crazy!
  • Avatar for GordonNoelByron
    Not my kind of music normally... but Queenadreena has something that makes them just incredible - every single song. This one is awesome...


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