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  1. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  2. Inopexia is a Russian goregrind band.

    They self-released their debut EP "Gastric Explosions Tore A Gullet" which was free to download in 2009.…

  3. Moscow Pornogrind Band, formed in october 2009.

    In december band recorded Demo 2009, which released an edition of 100 CD and gave away at the…

  4. The roots of the band are rising from the beginning of September 1995, when 3 close friends from a childhood were decided to play some Grind…

  5. Death/Grind from Russia in the vein of Carcass.

  6. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  7. There are multiple artists with the name Sram:

    SRAM is a sub-unit of the Japanese idol group LinQ from Fukuoka, Japan, and it was established in…

  8. N.C.C. were a Czech deathgrind band. In the beginning, they were very strange in the Demilich fashion, writing obscure slow-ish goregrind. They…

  9. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  10. Porngrind band from Saint-Petersburg. E.V.A. = Engorged Vaginal Abyss.
    E.V.A. is Vocal: Zloy , Guitar/Screamo Vocal: Co4enn , Bass: Bassist ,…

  11. ANAL NOSOROG is a grindcore\goregrind (self-labelled as nu-goregrind) band from Moscow, Russia.


    2005 - "You are a fat putridity" …

  12. Goreanus are a goregrind/porngrind band from St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Their new EP is called "Недоброжелательное онанирование".

  13. Sordid Clot is a Russian goregrind band.

  14. Purulent Jacuzzi is a goregrind band from Moscow, Russia.

    Official Myspace

  15. Features serial killer vokillist Rick Phelgming of the godly Embalmer & members of Apt 213. Scarver's Calling play old school death / grind mostly…

  16. Mincecore band from Russia active since 2009 but with already several works edited. Apart the band, they run also a label called "CORE Records"…

  17. Band: Stickoxydal
    Style: Goregrind
    Where: Belarus

    Current line-up:
    Cutlass – guitar
    Nicotine – bass
    Carno – vox
    Tonsil – vox
    Krust – drums…

  18. Russian Grindcore band from Moscow.

    Band Members:
    Vasya - guitar
    Jenya - drums
    Serenya- bass
    Stas - vocal

    Band`s MySpace

  19. Suppository is a grindcore band from the Netherlands.(limburg/brabant)



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