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    My favorite composer by far <3 [2] Along with Strauss.
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    My favorite composer by far <3
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    I think i'm in love with Tchaikovsky.
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    wee woo wee woo
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    Сам ты фашист фетишист и онанист в придачу,Мусулини!
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    Come to México lol
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    His 4th, 5th and 6th symphonies! They exist, thank God! He certainly knows how to start things with one or two Andanti.
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    come to brazil
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    Brahms @ similar artists lol
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    I really want his works to properly click with me. I'm starting to get his symphonies, though. Very good.
  • Avatar for alilatif listen to this man.. great artist
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    TwilightIsMe, эпатажные реплики от HaHaHaYoureDead – как чай попить.
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    HaHaHaYoureDead, с чего бы это вдруг?)
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    главный композитор мирового фашизма, ура товарищи!
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    1812 Overture. No classical piece beats the epicness of it.
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    The Nutcracker - Ballet, Op.71, Act II: No. 14 - Pas de deux makes love with my brain when I listen to it... EVERY SINGLE TIME...
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    Lovely composer. Everything I've listened from him has a great quality.
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    It's very sad, that his great operas are not represented. :( Tchaikovsky's 'Eugene Onegin', 'Queen Of Spades', 'Iolanta' and others are not less masterpieces than 'Swan Lake' or symphonies!
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    Symphony no 4 > Everything else.
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    Esto esta mal..... Aparece Beethoven
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    ای وای من
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    His 4th and 5th symphonies are just perfect! In 3 weeks I will hear the 5th live in concert, really looking forward to it!
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    swan lake and romeo & juliet... classic
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    Everything I've heard by him so far has been absolutely fantastic! One of my favorites definitely.
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    Meanwhile, want to urge you to have a listen to some lesser known pieces that are: 6 songs, Op. 73, No. 6 - Alone again, as before; 6 Songs Op.6 No.5 "Why?" and 12 Children's Songs Op. 54 X. Lullaby in a Storm. All of them arranged by Stetsuk for cello and perfomed by Kniazev.
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    OG-Gurda, if you haven't noticed yet I'll help you - you are amongst those folks. Simply do not fuel that kind of discussion. Dot.
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    i wish he had the russian name in his page
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    Thanks, Tchaikovsky. Thaikovsky.
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    @jazzthieve I agree partly that music should be discussed here, but there is nothing we could do to stop people talking about it anyway. And by the way, i dont see any right wing Russians here...
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    v No, all of these should be combined under a single Latin spelling, but until then this one, being the most popular, is sufficient.
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    the right tag should be 'Пётр Ильи́ч Чайко́вский' since he is russian and all
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    fascism in Russia. Coming soon.
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    这版留言高大上吊炸天 我诚邀全球各族人民来欣赏毛子版公知大战自干五
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    Great, right wing Russian people fouling up the shout box of a classical composer how awesome..... The Wagner shout box often has this problem too for a different reason don't tell me this is starting here as well. This is a music website, if you want to discuss politics or ideological views take your business elsewhere damnit.
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    Ok. Let me explain the situation. Mass media tell you a lie about this law. Gays are NOT persecuted in Russia and their rights are NOT infringed. Officially the law prohibits promoting homosexuality among minors. I have the unpleasant feeling that media intentionally trying to slander my motherland. So please, don't judge if you don't have the correct information about the situation. [3]
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    Banda Luxúria....pqp!
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    love his music.
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    I get all of my right wing ideology from shoutboxes
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    Swan Lake *-*
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    JerryStar1804 чTо обuдного? радоваTься надо, чTо Чайковскuй в мuре Tак ценuTся.
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    Anyway, Tchaikovsky is a sick composer, I admire his works.


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