• V Is for Vagina, R Is for Review

    9 May 2008, 22:31 by EmongFM

    So, Puscifer finally materialized itself in 2007 with V is for Vagina. Oh, I know I'm over half a year late but I never got around gathering my thoughts about this sexy groove fest of Maynard's. There wasn't much available from Puscifer before its debut. Some intriguing songs could be found on Underworld and Saw soundtracks (REV 22:20 and The Undertaker (Renholder mix) to be exact) leaving the fans yearning for more. Well, patience is awarded I guess. Not necessarily in the way that was expected though...

    To be honest, I never kept track on Maynard's projects. When I first discovered A Perfect Circle (which pretty much set a basis to my whole taste in music as it is right now) there was a long period of time before I ever learned about Tool. I came accross Puscifer by an accident, really, when I stumbled on Maynard's MySpace. There was a link to Puscifer's website before V Is for Vagina or Cuntry Boner. I thought "ok?" and watched as PussyLucifer dragged the crawling king behind…
  • Nifty

    28 Dec 2007, 11:59 by demosdemon

    I found this nifty little feature in Winamp that creates a playlist of songs that are similar to your 'key' track. Here's an excellent playlist it created for me when I selected APC - Blue (Note, the songs it selects are from your library, so it helps if you have a vast and diverse library of music).

    1. A Perfect Circle - Blue (4:13)
    2. Sick Puppies - Every Day (5:12)
    3. Sick Puppies - Duck Bite (3:45)
    4. Nickelback - Sea Groove (3:58)
    5. Mute Math - Peculiar People (4:35)
    6. A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras (All Main Courses Mix) (7:17)
    7. Nightwish - The Poet and the Pendulum (13:54)
    8. Lacuna Coil - Senzafine (Halflife EP Version) (3:55)
    9. Within Temptation - All I Need (4:51)
    10. Hoobastank - Same Direction (3:15)
    11. Nightwish - 7 Days To The Wolves (Instrumental) (7:04)
    12. Hoobastank - Let It Out (3:18)
    13. Marilyn Manson - Minute of Decay (4:44)
    14. Sick Puppies - Rock Kids (4:12)
    15. Puscifer - Rev 22:20 (Dry Martini Mix) (5:07)
  • Apples and Oranges

    27 Nov 2007, 02:42 by disturbedkiwi

    No one would have believed in the last years of the twentieth century that two bands were going to produce solo projects that would baffle and confuse mortal man.

    I speak of Limp Bizkit and Tool.

    Now, Limp Bizkit are who they are. Yes, there's a great heaping of sad rhyme schemes and self pity. The whole 'poor me, the media hate me' schtick got laied on far too thick too fast by Fred Durst. But the last album they put out (The Unquestionable Truth Part One) isn't too bad for an EP length piece of material. And his shouty rapping actually fits in with the riffs andmusic that he's rapping over which makes a change from some of the laboured offering he gave in the past.

    But the general impression of the band as being mindless nu-metal riffs is fairly accurate. Personally, although my perception of them can waver back and froward, on the whole I enjoy flipping on a Limp Bizkit track now and then because sometimes something mindless is all you want. …
  • Puscifer - V is for Vagina

    8 Nov 2007, 11:14 by Tashman

    Maynard James Keenan a enfin accouché de son album solo ! Sous le nom de Puscifer il vient de sortir sur les plateformes de téléchargement un album au nom très classe : V is for Vagina.

    De ce qu'on en sait, l'une des origines de Puscifer est l'expérience Tapeworm : un projet collaboratif lancé par Maynard, et Trent Reznor. De ce super-groupe avorté, il reste Passive qui figure sur un album de A Perfect Circle et, sans doute, la base des travaux "solo" de Maynard. Cette base, c'est deux chansons : REV 22:20 et The Undertaker qui apparaissent sur les BO des deux Underworld. C'est à ce niveau qu'on retrouve l'homme qui est partout, Danny Lohner, responsable de la direction musicale des films et principal collaborateur de Maynard dans Puscifer.
    D'autre part, en parallèle à la sortie de ces deux chansons Maynard a lancé un site de vente de T-Shirt nommé... store.puscifer.com où il annoncait déjà travailler sur un album solo.

  • V Is For Vagina

    8 Nov 2007, 05:05 by rajmund69

    Wydawać by się mogło, że zespół z Maynardem Jamesem Keenanem na wokalu zły być nie może. Zwłaszcza, gdy wcześniej już wypuścił dwa bardzo niezłe kawałki na soundtrackach do popularnych horrorów. Zapowiadał się kawał porządnego industrial rocka. Zapowiadała się jedna z ciekawszych płyt roku. Cóż, pozory mylą. Wątpliwości zacząłem mieć już przy okazji singla Country Boner - ej, sorry.. COUNTRY?! Na szczęście wałka nie ma na V is for Vagina, chociaż niewiele to poziom tego krążka podnosi. Keenan od początku mówił, że Puscifer to czysta zabawa i żeby nie traktować V is for Vagina poważnie. Z tym ostatnim życzeniem nikt nie powinien mieć większych problemów, gdyż płyta jest - napiszmy to w końcu wprost, najlepiej od razu dużym fontem - ŻENUJĄCA. Pierwsze trzy utwory to jakieś niby-plemienne transy, monotonne mantry z pojękiwaniami, stękami i mruczandami w tle. Całości nie ratuje nawet wydawałoby się niezawodny głos Maynarda, który zamiast wykorzystywać swoją niebywałą barwę, bezproblemowo wchodzącą w wyższe rejestry…
  • Song of the day

    18 Jul 2007, 13:43 by XRayOrexis

    I've been living with the song-of-the-day paradigm for a couple of years now. I've made lists and compilations with songs and the dates they ruled. Helps remembering sensations.
    Aaand since it's a music related journal why not post the songs here?
    17.11.2007:Born again
    Finally... i knew it would come to me sooner or later.
    I don't remember the home. I don't remember all the love.
    I don't remember the sound of my mother's voice....my mother's voice.
    I remember all the screams of terrified people. The sealed fire and pain... nothing more.
    And I was born again - so cold, so inhuman, so quiet, so calm... so calm.
    I just can't get this out of my head. And it's not the 'song' only, the music or the lyrics by themselves. I realize that for a long time now mainly I've been listening to Maynard's voice. But this song is not.. just a song. It is a perfect description of the word 'band'. …