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  • Avatar for forthefuture
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  • Avatar for lowerthanlow27
    post-dubstep techno fairytale dream. n1
  • Avatar for LightsAndLights
    I love when the kick drum goes crazy in the middle [2]
  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
    post-dubstep techno fairytale dream... whatever the fuck its great
  • Avatar for PhoenixMCH
  • Avatar for andreyzice
    O but dear, this is really awesome!
  • Avatar for ivytanosi
    my favorit!! Heart!
  • Avatar for bannusv
    I love when the kick drum goes crazy in the middle
  • Avatar for h_r_f_d
    chord progression here totally reminds me of boards of canada
  • Avatar for vaughnvhalen
  • Avatar for DrewciferCDXX
    "You must be hovering over your self..."
  • Avatar for Jizzlemynizzle
    amazing band, need to get their album!
  • Avatar for Rock_n_Robin
    Like everything I've heard from Purity Ring. Amazing videos, too.
  • Avatar for HeatherIsOnFire
    found something new. Love it.
  • Avatar for paulamurta
    girl sounds like an angel
  • Avatar for ACrackedSmile
    Into you're precious ruptured skull...
  • Avatar for supcav
    This song is unbelievably fantastic!! So catchy, so experimental with the "backwards" sounding synths, the vocals are so sensual yet innocent-sounding, just great!
  • Avatar for djnonplus
    Atoms For Peace - Default. Sort of. No, wait...this is better.
  • Avatar for The_Altruist
    This track is soooo damn cinematic.
  • Avatar for aphoticapathy
    every song from this album is badass [3]
  • Avatar for Andreiness
    @ ViperGuy right you are. Love it!
  • Avatar for ViperGuy
    every song from this album is badass [2]
  • Avatar for TeamHumanity
  • Avatar for spiral0ut22
    every song from this album is badass
  • Avatar for cvn2nvc
    So fucking good.. OMG
  • Avatar for PrinceOfChina
    Their best song.
  • Avatar for iw77
    Very very, veeeery sensual & sexy ;)
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
  • Avatar for Naeroon
    sounds so much like XXYYXX until the atmosphere/vocals come in
  • Avatar for jinzou
    song of the yearrrrr
  • Avatar for BERSERKERRRR
  • Avatar for YoFaaaWay
    catchy as all hell
  • Avatar for AlexJTBaker
    I fell asleep to this song last night, very very nice
  • Avatar for BERSERKERRRR
    that's a lofticry if i've ever heard one!
  • Avatar for doctorwatkins
    This is hands down my favorite track not only by this artist, but of all time. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this on accident.
  • Avatar for BERSERKERRRR
    but, seriously, after listening to this album too many times, i think this is my favorite track.
  • Avatar for BERSERKERRRR
  • Avatar for D_ni
    This genuinely sounds like it should be a crossover worldwide hit. Absolutely amazing.
  • Avatar for vitameen
    the whole song is 100% legit
  • Avatar for DiffusionOfTime
    This is absolutely wonderful. Definitely has grown on me as I listen to the album more.
  • Avatar for reeperdotcom
    Fuckin eh, this is too good!
  • Avatar for nwatts
    how legit is the end of this track
  • Avatar for Daniel_Green
  • Avatar for lucidcolours
    amazing amazing amaaaaazzzing
  • Avatar for absolia
    i am not sure i could love this song more. it makes me feel like bursting.
  • Avatar for iamqueef
    Still their best song. [2]
  • Avatar for giobot26
  • Avatar for JML897
    Still their best song.


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