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  • Avatar for Cut1977
    Unfortunately the album relies too much on the sounds that made "Lofticries" popular.
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    p4k should give this a 1.0 just to fuck with everyone
  • Avatar for DJ_WRF
    I'm gonna say 8.5. Stamp it
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
    I love her voice.
  • Avatar for ShuichiAmyMAD
    Shrines is just... Ethereal. I swear it takes me someplace else. I can't describe the feeling they give me.
  • Avatar for rvnvalente
    In no way pitchfork will pan this... Its gonna be an 8.0 im calling it
  • Avatar for I_hate_pop
    I thought I saw that Purity Ring was performing in one of the P4K shows. Doesn't that generally mean an automatic BNM for anything released in the same year? Regardless, a lot of their 7.0 - 7.9 are extremely good, and they could give this a 1.0 and I'd still love it.
  • Avatar for DJ_Davy
    Fineshrine is reaaaaally addicting...
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    lololololol if p4k reviews them negatively i'm never listening again because clearly i was wrong along and they suck but until then i reserve judgment
  • Avatar for zyxu
    just want to say these guys are really good before pitchfork shits on them and everyone starts to hate them because they're all drones. thx.
  • Avatar for satokoquinto
    i am really looking forward to see you guys @ Fuji rock festival!
  • Avatar for WizzyWizzy
    It's like Witch House, but there's candy instead of severed heads. [2]
  • Avatar for I_hate_pop
    Really, Crystal Castles and Purity Ring sound nothing alike. It would seem the only way to not sound like Crystal Castles would be to be Joanna Newsom, since the similarity between CC and PR is: electronic beats with female vocalist.
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    lol . . . . ElectroPeter is like a clarion voice of reason in the wilderness but I'm too twisted and sarcastic to give up picking apart other people's tastes
    s o good
  • Avatar for ElectroPeter
    hahaha I don't wanna read the shoutbox anymore D: , people are so annoying about what bands is better, just enjoy okay?, ah and every bands is different, open your mind :)
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    lol @ people thinking because they don't like Grimes, she must be deep. Fer cryin out loud
  • Avatar for mister_electric
    It's like Witch House, but there's candy instead of severed heads.
  • Avatar for jcpack89
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    "grimes sounds like a korean karaoke machine" <-- isn't that a good thing??!
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    grimes, purity ring, and crystal castles sound so completely different I'm not even sure why we're having this conversation
  • Avatar for three6leon
    good mix of poppyness and witchhouseyness
  • Avatar for UntoAshes
    Incredibly fun live. It sounds almost identical to the album. I didn't want it to end. Must see.
  • Avatar for ChelseaSmile95
    i find this more listenable than most of CC's stuff [2]
  • Avatar for Eu-Kun
  • Avatar for leet
  • Avatar for Omertalvendetta
    I really like this!! Wonderful stuff.
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    "During live shows, Roddick uses a custom built tree shaped instrument to drive both live sound and lighting." <-- waitwaitwait WHAT??! That's so fucking cool.... I'm SO PUMPED FOR SEPTEMBER NOW agghhhh
  • Avatar for spikedylacid
    @leisuresuite +1 Megan's voice is the perfect contrast to those trap beats.
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    ew ew no blechh stop talking about crystal castles
  • Avatar for lvrtits
    "above" crystal castles? pssh.
  • Avatar for k_eve
    1kk scrobbles, awwesome. I knew they would explode soon
  • Avatar for kiddRasta
    even after a year lofticries is still dabes
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    Purity Ring wouldn't be half as good without Megan's voice. She has that fragile indie voice that contrasts so strikingly with the instrumentation. It's a magical combination
  • Avatar for soundsystemdub
    Anyone else not a fan of her voice?
  • Avatar for nwatts
    faarrrrk, as we say in aus. this shit good
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    crystal castles yes. grimes no. crystal castles and grimes sound incredibly different.
  • Avatar for JeffPearson
  • Avatar for BadhamPanorama
    Yay! New music to get chills to.
  • Avatar for pp_substance
    Excelente música!
  • Avatar for hooligan86
    Listened to the album stream they linked last night twice now, love it already.
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    damn viniortolano, shave YOUR armpits
  • Avatar for lil_romane
    I'm enamored by this group. Can't get enough. I'm so ready for the album
  • Avatar for MyHeadOnAPlate
    Happy for the find. Not like it was hard to hear about them, though
  • Avatar for crackolandia
    @winter94 i actually thought this too the first time i heard it, but if you give it another shot you'll start noticing the differences and the amazingness of every single song
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    v That's so cool! I'm even more excited to see them now
  • Avatar for heavymakeup
    They are the sweetest people. Megan came down from the stage after the show and gave me the biggest hug and told me that I was such a lovely, wonderful fan. I almost died.
  • Avatar for winter94
    damn, every song on Shrines sounds exactly the fucking same
  • Avatar for girlonthewing6
    So, I love these guys.
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    Shrines is a great album, but there is a lot of room for improvement. I still love love love it


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