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  • Avatar for Jpenttil
    Good shit
  • Avatar for Hody72
    Concert Review & Photos:
  • Avatar for Tobo-Potato
    Did anyone capitalize the "I" in "in"?
  • Avatar for EuanDemonStorm
    Flight of a dying sun is awesome!
  • Avatar for michelleliu91
    how great is flight of a dying sun...AMAZING
  • Avatar for OxfordsWhores
  • Avatar for Napaaalm
    great new album!
  • Avatar for iPowder
    Dope album 'Flight Of A Dying Sun' \m/
  • Avatar for 40belowsummer
    I really like the new album, don't know why but I like it more than Reaper of Souls.
  • Avatar for ThisDominon
    Shiiiit Mot Grav is awesome!
  • Avatar for ThisDominon
    Looking forward to hearing the new song... If its a conti uation of Under Den Svart Himmel I'll be happy
  • Avatar for zabersuv
    reaper of souls is soo amazing i wish they were still that good
  • Avatar for Raidanzoup
    I actually only like the title track from that one. Which means I actually only like one track by these guys. Seeing them live was a blast, tho.
  • Avatar for Nickisonfire33
    Hope the new album is better than Under Black Skies. I always found it to be lacking in many places.
  • Avatar for Kev_doom
    Not Straight Edge anymore.
  • Avatar for oknome
    Old shit was better , but the new release is not bad...
  • Avatar for ExileInFire
    These guys remind me of Skeletonwitch...only more awesome
  • Avatar for wulfbaron
    dropout n sellouts completely different
  • Avatar for WolfieboyMachi
    That's why they decided to move away from the straight edge scene after they reformed in 2008.
  • Avatar for Izzystone
    OK hardcore/punk band, but this straight-edge thing is pretty pussy.
  • Avatar for Diiisha
    В " Under Den Svarte Himmel" понравилось звучание.
  • Avatar for xHC-Realityx
    Reaper Of Souls is definitely among my top 10 albums of all time <3
  • Avatar for shakarsten
    Interview mit PURIFIED IN BLOOD und Konzertbericht (Conne Island): Hardcore, Veganismus und das Böse im Menschen. (inkl. FREE DOWNLOAD "Under Den Svarte Himmel")
  • Avatar for Lahiri
    Seen live yesterday with Darkest Hour, Protest the Hero and Born of Osiris. I enjoyed their show a lot. Very good live band!
  • Avatar for veganxxxjihad
    The intro from Last Leaves is taken from The Devil's Advocate, the intro/outro on Forfeit from The Boondock Saints. Last Leaves is still their best work. Not technically but defenitely lyrically.
  • Avatar for theexplodedrage
    pretty good show in London.i had never heard them before but i will check out more
  • Avatar for qrounZ
    whats the intro from in the last leaves of a poisoned tree? must know :/
  • Avatar for rider_bass
    nicely kurwa playing but sounds kurwa fucking bad
  • Avatar for br4t_mtl_fre4k
    Under den svarte himmel <3 i think i'll learn norwegian only coz of this song..... freakin awesome [=
  • Avatar for anuat
    This is once of the best fucking bands that I ever listen man D:
  • Avatar for br4t_mtl_fre4k
    Old shit was better , great band so underrated...
  • Avatar for Heppe
    The riffs in under den svarte himmel are awesome!
  • Avatar for Skulltwister
  • Avatar for cripplesunday
    sell out? with under 8,000 listeners, i can't agree, underless your pulling the whole "they broke edge, so now they're sell outs" in which case, you can actually fuck off, nazi prick.
  • Avatar for 6sic6
    now that I've listened to a couple of new songs, I wish they didn't release anything new. both Last Leaves and Reaper of Souls shit all over the new stuff.
  • Avatar for oystein_oen
    im proud to be norwegian ! cant wait to see them with kvelertak!. VENOM!!! Thunderheads!!! under den svarte himmel! . so many good songs!
  • Avatar for supersau92
    UNDER DEN SVARTE HIMMEL. trudde aldri æ sku finn go Norsk musikk, tok vist feil. kvelertak og det her PROVED ME WRONG.
  • Avatar for sabreblod
    Meh, expected it to be better.
  • Avatar for silent_hiv
    Отличная банда. Я уж думал меня ничем не удивить =)
  • Avatar for Izzystone
    FUCK X
  • Avatar for karlx
    Sjekk ut intervju med Hallgeir frå Purified in Blood i nyaste episode av [artist]Nettverk for dyrs frihet[/artist] sin podcast! Last ned [url=]HER[/url] .
  • Avatar for xkitosx
  • Avatar for stachu_grot
    "The intro and the outro on the album were created by the mighty ULVER from Norway." - the only reason i will look forward to new album
  • Avatar for Diefar
    Profoundemonium, sad man.
  • Avatar for gutoww
  • Avatar for Profoundemonium
    "This metal influenced hardcore is what you get as these kids' first meeting with music came through Iron Maiden and Slayer." That's strange, since those bands sound nothing like this talentless crap.
  • Avatar for thejackyl
    Their logo makes 'em look like a nazi band. just sayin'
  • Avatar for veganxxxjihad
    dropout, sellout - call it what you want. it's fact.
  • Avatar for rawky
    Terrific concert in Oslo on Saturday!!! "Sold out"? BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for adgara
    they sound less aggressive, and the different vocal sound I hope that the disc has more fast songs, and solos for which we are accustomed in Reaper Of Souls , but it´s ok


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