There are eight artists named Pure:

1. Pure were a trio comprised of Matthew Bower, Alex Binnie, and Alex Winsor. Like their friends Ramleh, they used guitars instead of synthesizers, as favored by Whitehouse, to create their confrontational wall of noise. According to the members of the band, there were never any official releases of music by Pure, aside from a handful of compilation appearances.

After the break up of the group, Bower formed the new project Total, and Binnie joined Zos Kia. During this time, Mark Durgan of Birthbiter asked Matthew if he could release material by Pure. Matthew did send him some solo material (basically Total recordings) which were then issued under the Pure. However, these were not representive of the original group or its sound, and is a Pure release in name only. Years later, in 2007, Freak Animal Records released the actual record under the same name that it was released before by Birthbiter, “Fetor”, but this time with the original tracks.


2.Pure was a Canadian band, originating in Vancouver, Canada in 1991. Previously, the band was known as After All and Grin Factory. Signed to the Reprise label, the band reached a greater audience once their song “Greedy” was featured on the soundtrack album Songs from the Cool World. They later appeared on Shag Records and Mammoth Records.
They were nominated for a Most Promising Group of the Year Juno Award in 1993, but they lost to Skydiggers. Pure’s song “Tennis Ball” was featured in the movie BASEketball, though not featured on the soundtrack. The band was somewhat notorious for its occasional themes of recreational drug use and carefree attitude, resulting in at least two music videos being banned from airplay on MuchMusic, one of these videos being “Anna is a Speed Freak”.
The band’s original members were:
Jordy Birch - vocals (new project is Guilty About Girls)
Todd Simko - lead guitar
David Hadley - bass guitar
Leigh Grant - drums; replaced by Jim Hobbs in 1996
Mark R. Henning (Combine the Victorious) - keyboards; left the band in 1995
The group disbanded in 2000, citing “musical differences”.

1992 Greed (ep)- Reprise Records
1992 Pureafunalia- Reprise Records
1994 Generation 6 Pack (Canadian Release) - Warner Music
1995 Extra Purestrial - Shag Records
1996 Generation 6 Pack (US release) - Mammoth Records
1998 Feverish - Mammoth Records


3. Peter Votava, aka Pure/DJ Pure, a Viennese electronic musician formerly of the duo Ilsa Gold. Has releases on Mego, his own dOc Recordings imprint, and other labels.


4. DJ Pure is an east London dubstep/grime producer.


5. Pure is a Dutch artist that goes by the name of Sandra Vitasovic. At the age of 17 she recorded her first song called ‘Straight From the Heart’ featuring Dutch rapper ‘Snake-Eyes’.


6. Is a collective group of artists residing from (F)Whittier, California. Pure started as an idea by the main founder Fernelly Ceria and has spread to become more of a movement, to be spontaneous, in expression, to be pure in art and life.


7. Pure was a Dutch rockband from Castricum that started in 2003 but split up in 2005.


8. PURE adalah sekelompok anak muda yang rindu untuk menjadi berkat dan menjadi dampak bagi anak muda melalui musik. Karena lewat musik hidup seseorang bisa diubahkan, dan lewat musik nama Tuhan dimuliakan. Dengan membawa lagu-lagu yang manis dan santai, PURE hadir membawa nuansa baru dalam belantika musik rohani Indonesia untuk menyembah dan mengagungkan Tuhan Allah kita.

PURE mulai terbentuk pada bulan February 2004. Dimulai dari komunitas youth GBI Rajawali yang memiliki visi ‘Be A Star’, kemudian terbentuklah band PURE yang diminta untuk menciptakan theme song untuk visi tersebut. Maka kemudian tercipta lagu ‘Be A Star’ oleh Yohan PURE, dengan format personil Yohan (Vocal & Guitar), Albert (Bass) dan Billy (Drum).

Seiring dengan perkembangannya PURE menambah personil yaitu Yola (Vocal) dan Andri (Guitar). Meskipun diawali dari komunitas gereja yang sama (GBI Rajawali), saat ini PURE tidak lagi membawa nama gereja tertentu. Karena personilnya kini tidak hanya berasal dari satu gereja saja.

Sesuai dengan namanya, PURE memiliki visi yaitu untuk melayani Tuhan dengan hati yang murni. Lewat band ini kami ingin mengingatkan kepada setiap anak Tuhan agar kita tetap terus memiliki motivasi yang benar dalam melayani Tuhan, apapun pelayanan yang kita jalani. Lewat lagu-lagu PURE, kami rindu menyatakan isi hati kami buat Tuhan. Dan saat orang-orang mendengar lagu tersebut, itu juga menjadi ungkapan hati mereka kepada Tuhan.

Kami percaya PURE ada sampai saat ini karena Tuhan. Tuhan yang memulai, pasti Tuhan juga yang akan memimpin setiap perjalanan kami ke depan. Thank’s untuk setiap teman2 yang sudah mendukung dan terus mendoakan PURE dan menjadi bagian dari PURE. Let us bless this generation through everything that we can, with a pure heart.

2009 Forward

Personil :
Yolanda Theodora Wijaya : Vocal
Yohan Christian Dhirmanto : Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Andri Yosua Latip : Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Albert Ishak Wijaya : Bass
Billy Christianto : Drums
Thirza Paramitha Henry : Piano / Keyboard


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