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Pure Reason Revolution

The Bright Ambassadors Of Morning (11:58)


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  • Good stuff. Wish I'd discovered them before they broke up.
  • This really deserves to be one of those British-prog classics.
  • Incredible.
  • one of the best tracks by PRR its got a great atmosphere to it
  • R.I.P.
  • Thanks to Musical-Box’s Library Radio for this track - Cheers- Paul.
  • @timmehh - very awesome! I just keep hearing this one on my progrock tag that I listen to while star gazing, thought I'd give it whirl on YT, the video is so great! I CANNOT STOP listening to this song!
  • I just calculated that, according to my last.fm charts, I've spent 9.4 hours listening to this song. Not bad :)
  • It's so great that i find a band that trully satisfy my needs!! on Prog Rock And Electro sounds... mission acomplished!
  • I started to listen to this song because it's title reminded me of Pink Floyd's Echoes. But... this is so great that I can't stop listening!
  • awesome!
  • Awesome track, never so the change of pace at 6:20 coming!
  • interestign stuff...liking it a lot
  • Good 4 head. listen w stretched open mind.
  • a tad "all over the place" but not a bad prog entry...
  • Echoes is an amazing song, 'tis true.
  • Every time I see dust motes in the morning sun I think of this Pink Floyd lyric, and I can well imagine how it influenced this great song.
  • wow! lovely!
  • What a great track...they feed the vocals brilliantly into the intro...brilliant.
  • simply great!!
  • Love the change-up at 6:20
  • Never heard of this band before, but sounds good !
  • I have to say that there's something wrong with their lyrics, they often make no sense at all, but the music and vocal tone/quality is awesome and I don't care much about the words anyway.
  • it's a good group.
  • Echoes!
  • This is beautiful - I love the multi-layers they added. I've never heard Pure Reason Revolutioon before, but I will absolutely be listening to more...
  • Loved the Dark Third Album - The follow up went all electronica and lost my attention somewhat- Were they trying to be too clever???? Great music needs instruments not computers
  • is it just me or is the interlude from 6:15 to 8:00 a sample of the guitar line from slint's "good morning captain"
  • reminds me of GONG actually, odd but good.
  • Utterly epic - totally unique, brilliantly catchy melody, nice progressiveness - just down-right perfect to be honest.
  • supergeil... it rocks!!!!
  • pretty sweet
  • <3 Very nice song.
  • <3
  • as I said on other PRR tracks, I got The Dark Third for my birthday. What an amazing album. Now I take back that comment..."wow...not as good as Deux Ex Machina and Arrival/The Intention Craft..." this is way better as I discovered. This and Bullitts Dominae are my favorite tracks on this album.
  • still awesome, for the 3rd time
  • wow...not as good as Deux Ex Machina and Arrival/The Intention Craft...but still one of PRR's best
  • arschlang & saugut
  • ManIDontEven, I was even a whole month behind you apparently. Just listening to echoes earlier tonight and recognised the phrase...
  • The title of this is my favorite line from my favorite track so i'm happy they didn't fuck it up, fantastic music.
  • cool song
  • kann nicht aufhören zu träumen...
  • kinda sounds like pink floyd...
  • war mal im vorprogramm bei blackfield. kreative köpfe
  • Holy shit I just now realized the title is a reference to a lyrics in Pink Floyd's "Echoes." I'm slow.
  • In my mind slightly to ambitious, but sure they are talented.
  • I want to see them live again!
  • slint riff at 6:30
  • A nod's as good as a wink... Not really sure that this has anything to do with 'prog' - but I like it


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